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Violet Evergarden Film Drops to #3, Shin-chan at #4

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel III. spring song drops off top 10 in 8th weekend

Kyoto Animation's Violet Evergarden: The Movie anime film dropped from #2 to #3 in its third weekend. The film sold 87,000 tickets from Saturday to Sunday and earned 128,641,400 yen (about US$1.21 million) from Friday to Sunday. The film dropped by only 2.5% compared to the previous week. The film has sold over 781,817 tickets to earn 1,117,052,200 yen (about US$10.57 million).

The film opened in Japan on September 18, and it ranked at #2 in its opening weekend. As of September 22, the film had sold 390,000 tickets to earn 559 million yen (about US$5.31 million), and had a per-screen average of 1.64 million yen (about US$15,600).

The film's official website announced on April 6 that Kyoto Animation postponed the film's opening in Japan due to concerns over the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The film was slated to open in Japan on April 24. This was the second delay for the film, as it was originally slated for a January 10, 2020 opening in Japan.

The franchise's separate side-story anime, titled Violet Evergarden I: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll (Violet Evergarden Gaiden: Eien to Jidō Shuki Ningyō), opened in theaters in Japan last September, and it screened for at least five weeks. The film eventually earned a cumulative total of 831 million yen (about US$7.90 million). Netflix debuted the anime on April 2.

The Eiga Crayon Shin-chan Gekitotsu! Rakuga Kingdom to Hobo Yonin no Yūsha (Crayon Shin-chan the Movie: Crash! Rakuga Kingdom and Roughly Four Heroes) film dropped from #3 to #4 in its fourth weekend. The film earned 69,681,900 yen (about US$659,600) from Friday to Sunday. The film has earned a cumulative total of 958,691,700 yen (about US$9.07 million).

The 28th Crayin Shin-chan film opened on September 11 after it was delayed from its April 24 opening due to the effects of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The film opened at #1. The film sold 212,000 tickets and earned 262 million yen (about US$2.47 million) in its opening weekend.

Takahiko Kyōgoku (Land of the Lustrous, Love Live! School idol project, GATE) directed the film, and Ryō Takada (Meow Meow Japanese History) wrote the script. Shinei Animation, TV Asahi, ADK, and Futabasha are credited for production. musician Takafumi Ikeda's "solo unit" Rekishi performed the film's theme song "Giga Aishiteru."

The Eiga Doraemon: Nobita no Shin Kyōryū (Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's New Dinosaur) anime film stayed at #7 in its ninth weekend. The film earned 40,336,300 yen (about US$381,800) from Friday to Sunday. It has now sold a total of 2.63 million tickets and earned a cumulative total of 3,173,949,500 yen (about US$30.04 million).

The film opened at #1 in 377 theaters in its first weekend. The film sold 630,000 tickets for 761 million yen (about US$7.13 million) from August 7-9. The film sold 334,000 tickets for 413 million yen (about US$3.86 million) on Saturday and Sunday. The film opened in Japan on August 7, after being postponed from its original March 6 opening in order to curb the spread of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The film's story begins with Nobita meeting two twin dinosaurs named Kyu and myu. Despite the film's similarity in title to Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Dinosaur, the first film in the franchise, the story is completely different. The new film is the franchise's 40th, and it marks the 50th anniversary of the original manga.

Kazuaki Imai, an episode director on the Doraemon television anime, and the director of 2018's Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Treasure Island film, directed the 40th film. Genki Kawamura also returned from the 2018 film to pen the new film's script. Mr. Children performed the theme songs "Birthday" and "Kimi to Kasaneta Monologue" for the film. The film is the franchise's first to feature two theme songs, and it is also the first work for which Mr. Children have written two songs.

The live-action project of Sumito Ōwara's Eizōken ni wa Te o Dasu na! (Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!) manga dropped from #5 to #10 in its second weekend.

The film opened in Japan on September 25, ranking at #5 in its opening weekend.. The film was originally scheduled to open on May 15, but TOHO and the film's production committee delayed the film's opening until further notice, due to the spread of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Nogizaka46 idol group members Minami Umezawa, Asuka Saitō, and Mizuki Yamashita star in the live-action project as the characters Sayaka Kanamori, Midori Asakusa, and Tsubame Mizusaki. They also perform the film's theme song "Fantastic Sanshoku Pan" (Fantastic Three-Filling Bun). Rock band Thinking Dogs perform the series' theme song "Heavenly ideas."

A six-episode television series premiered on April 5 on MBS, and on April 7 on TBS. The film and series have the same staff and cast. Oto Abe and Satoshi Uekiya co-star in the series.

The manga inspired a television anime by Masaaki Yuasa and Science SARU that premiered on NHK General on January 5. Crunchyroll streamed the series as it aired in Japan.

The third film in the Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel film trilogy Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel III. spring song dropped off the top 10 in its eighth weekend, but it still earned 31,034,400 yen (about US$293,800) from Friday to Sunday, and it has cumulatively earned a total of 1,879,521,300 yen (about US$17.79 million).

Sources: Kōgyō Tsūshin (link 2), Eiga.com, comScore via KOFIC

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