Anime Overdose 2004 Guests

Fri, March 5 & Sat, March 6, 2004
Advance On-line Registration: $14.00
At-Site Registration: $16.00
Special guest reception and award presentation costs: $20.00

Anime Overdose is the Westcoast's newest Anime festival
featuring: Concert, Cosplay, Dance, Dealers Room, Karaoke, Live Panels,
Swap Meet, Video Gaming, Video Rooms, Workshops, Yugioh Dueling, and more!

Japanese Guests:

Voice Actress, Singer, and FM Radio Show Star
Miss Fuchizaki is well known all over Japan for her brilliant career in
voice acting. Two of her most famous roles were that of Li Koran in Sakura
Taisen and Anthy in Shoujo Kakumei Utena. Not only has she done these
roles, but also roles on Megazone 23, Mezon Ikkoku, Sailor Moon, Tonde
Buurin, Gunbuster, Ah Megami-sama, Bastard!, Akira, and many, many, others.
This will be miss Fuchizaki's very first convention appearance in America,
so let's give her a warm Anime Overdose welcome at her events!

MURASAKI, Hirofumi
Japanese video games audio producer/engineer
Mr. Hirofumi MURASAKI has intensive experience composing sound tracks for
video games on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. Even as coach of the
SEGA(Japan) football team, he's been involved in Sakura Taisen audio
production since ST2, including the Kayou Show series. Other games he's
handled are: Evangelion 2nd Impression, NFL2K and NBA2K series for the
Dreamcast.His experience in afureko work is second to none, and will surely
have many interesting insights to share on voice acting.

Japanese video games insider
Mr. Hisaki NIMIYA has had a decorated career in the development of Japanese
video games. From his early SEGA years he was a game designer and project
manager, and soon moved up to being one of the Dreamcast producers. Many
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 fans may be pleased to find out that he was the sound
project coordinator. So all those blips, hops, and even the sound when you
lost all your coins, which fans grew to love, you can thank Saki that they
turned out so good. Now he is at CYBERFRONT JAPAN, one of the coolest
companies to release games in Japan. Fans everywhere may have heard of the
favorite, Princess Maker or the brand-new Seikai no Senki, both of which
are titles Cyberfront does. There, Saki is a software development manager.
Be sure to come to his insider panel for a chance to win Princess Maker or
Seikai no Senki!

Domestic Guests:

Carl Macek
Director, writer, and producer extraordinaire
Best known for his work in taking three different anime series and making
them into the single masterpiece, Robotech, Carl Macek is now a big name
with ADV Films. His credits are numerous, his fans many, and his
understanding of anime second to none. Come visit our "Carl Macek Tribute"
see see a showcase of his works and have a once in a lifetime chance to
relive the glory of one the greatest anime producers ever.

Fred Patten
World anime expert
Mr. Patten is well-respected and known as one of the pioneers of anime
fandom in the United States. His knowledge of anime has helped him with
numerous works, and we are pleased to welcome him to Anime Overdose 2004.

Gilles Poitras
Author and lecturer
Mr. Poitras is the writer of the well-known and never forgotten Anime
Essentials, known, used, and loved by all in the anime world. Gilles will
be giving a panel discussion at ANIME OVERDOSE on an interesting aspect of

Eileen "Kaki" Hu
Career coolperson
Unsure why she is a guest at this con but is very honored nonetheless.
Possible reasons may include her "career" as a convention interpreter and
negotiator. Most recently, Kaki negotiated the logistics for the American
guests for AXJapan and all 11 Japanese guests for Anime Central 2003 where
she was also head of Guest Relations. She graduated UC Berkeley in 2001 and
was a student at Waseda University until Fall 2002 when she woefully was
served with a parental recall notice and became a student at Georgetown Law
School. She has passed the level one Japanese proficiency exam and is
currently a pre-production intern for an independent film. Now in the
grueling second year of law school, Kaki has many interests such as
gymnastics, cooking, tropical fruit and fashion. She has made several
costumes for her younger sister and friends, one which won a construction
award at a con. She is also now out of any possible reasons that she is a
guest at this con and still has no idea why she was chosen to be a guest.

Formerly known as Urusai, 13-37 performs covers of well know anime and
Japanese songs, as well as the occasional American song from time to time.
They have done the big FC for a couple of years now, and their fanbase
grows as time goes on. 13-37 is: Stella, Rob, Mark, Vu, Dennis, Ray, and

Comic artist and writer.
The amazing person behind TEA-CLUB. Come check out the Tea-Club panel! And
it'd be really nice if you bought some of her stuff to show your
appreciation. =)

Austin Osueke
President of English manga (comics) company
Austin will personally run a workshops on "How to Draw Manga" for the Anime
Overdose community.

Lord Katsuhiko Jinnai
Anime Digital DJ Mastermind
Jinnai got into anime around 1992. Using a 386 computer and really simple
audio programs, he started programming and learning how to manipulate
music, and to experiment with new sounds. In 1999, a new type of sound
emerged at anime conventions, remixed anime music. Intrigued by it's
popularity, Jinnai started to remix anime music as well. By 2000, he
started to remix anime/j-pop music with electronic genre styles, most
commonly, UK Hardcore and Jungle. In 2001, Jinnai was able to finish 80
remixes in only 3 months, using the finest in freeware programs that money
cannot buy! Catch Jinnai at the AOD Dance on Sat.

Anime DJ Spinner Master

Anime Overdose 2004, Santa Clara Anime Festival is a not for profit
fundraising event for Santa Clara University's official anime organization,
Tempura Anime. Anime Overdose has been around in some form since 1997, when
it was then the Anime Movie Reviews group. Since then,it's now evolved into
a great event for great people! 100% of all proceeds from this event go to
Tempura Anime Registered Student Organization.

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