Funimation Entertainment Announces Cast of Big Windup

Hey baseball fans! Major league players report to Spring training camp next week in preparation for the 2009 season and while they do that voice actors report to FUNimation Entertainment studios to record the English dub of Big Windup!

The 26-episode competition anime series from Kodansha Ltd. will be coached (directed) by veteran director Christopher Bevins.

The team roster (cast):

Takaya Abe Greg Ayres
Ren MIHASHI Sean Michael Teague
Azusa Hanai Joel McDonald
Kōsuke Izumi Chris Burnett
Yūto Sakaeguchi Aaron Dismuke
Yūichirō Tajima Todd Haberkorn
Shōji Suyama Anthony Bowling
Fumiki Mizutani Jean-Luc Hester
Kazutoshi Oki Chris Cason
Chiyo Shino'oka Cherami Leigh
Maria Momoe Cynthia Cranz
Tsuyoshi Shiga Chuck Huber
Kyouhei Akimaru Jason Liebrecht
Shuugo Kanou Jamie McGonnigal
Atsushi Hatake Josh Grelle

About Big Windup
Most guys can't wait for baseball to start. But not Mihashi. For this kid, the crack of the bat is the sound of failure. Every summer he gets caught in a pickle between wanting to stay on the mound and watching his pitches get blasted out of the park. But each spring brings a fresh start, and this year, Mihashi's at a new school with teammates that don't know how bad he used to be. Most importantly, he's got Abe – a real superstar behind the plate. If Mihashi can learn to trust his new catcher, this could be the year he falls in love with the game all over again.

FUNimation Entertainment will release the 26 episode series in two 13-episode sets later this year.

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