Tiffany Grant 90 Minute Video Interview

Discusses Evangelion, exclusive info on Secton 23's new English dubs

NEW YORK, NY, March 28, 2010 - Our Evangelion fansite,, interviewed ADV voice actress Tiffany Grant (voice of Asuka in Evangelion) and made an *hour and a half long* recording of it.

We discuss the original Eva TV series, the Director's Cuts, End of Eva, her thoughts on Rebuild of Evangelion (including very surprising comments on how she thinks Rebuild Eva 2.0 will be licensed), her chances on reprising her character, Eva on [Adult Swim], live-action Evangelion, and of course, Asuka.

We also talk about recent business news with ADV/Section 23 (including her answer, in her own words, to “what is the relationship between Section 23 and ADV?”), and some exclusive information on the new English dubs that Section 23/Sentai Filmworks recently announced they were making, including which ones she's performing in and scriptwriting for.

A 7 minute "trailer" for the interview is posted on YouTube: (it was kind of noisy in the Green Room; we didn't subtitle the trailer, but we did take the time to subtitle the actual interview video)

Within a week of interviewing Tiffany Grant, we also had representatives at both Anime Boston and Sakura-con (simultaneously) running Evangelion panels and doing Q&A with cast members:

Check out our report on Anime Boston: Which was interesting because, although they didn't have an industry panel, David and Janice Williams, formerly of ADV and now officially for "Sentai Filmworks" were running the "Section 23" booth on the dealer's floor. So we mailed in some questions for our Eva panelist to go and ask them; because "AEsir Holdings got ADV's old library" and "Sentai Filmworks is acquiring new things" we asked "who owns Evangelion now, Aesir or Sentai?"...It turns out that *ADV* itself, still owns Evangelion. ADV still technically exists, on paper at least; while it "shut down" (William did stress that they're not producing or distributing Eva at the moment) it didn't file for bankruptcy or anything so its still "around". Not that this significantly affects Eva DVD sales just yet; we saw Eva DVD box sets in abundance at each convention, its just that so many were produced in past print runs that they don't need to make more just yet (this is actually standard practice now amongst anime distribution companies, they're trying to avoid overstock but wait for current stock to run out).

Also check out our report from Sakura-con: which includes some Q&A panel clips with Brina Palencia (Rebuild-Rei), and Kent Williams (Rebuild-Fuyutsuki), talking about their roles in Rebuild of Eva 1.0. Our Sakura-con representative asked at the FUNimation industry panel a question we've been rather Vexed about; why did FUNimation release Eva 1.01 in time for Christmas 2009...even though it has severe darkness flaws...and wait to release Eva 1.11 until Spring 2010? They didn't even bother to release Eva 1.01 in Britain.

The *official* company-line from FUNimation on why they released Eva 1.01 was "We actually wanted to initially pack BOTH 1.01 and 1.11 together in one single release, but due to not receiving the actual extras for 1.11 in time, we had to release them both as separate releases."

Now this may or may not be true, because Eva 1.11 has infamously almost no special features.

As you can see in the "review roundup" our website made of official reviews of Eva 1.11 Blu-ray by major news outlets: all agreed that the special features were sorely lacking. The "special features" consist of a 10 minute "from cel to screen" video which has no narration whatsoever, a 10 minute AMV made of recycled clips of animation and music from the movie and nothing else, and then just trailers. They made fans double-dip for this?

If the problem was really, as we suspect "Navarre forced us to double dip" or something, we don't mind, we just wish they'd be honest with fans about it. Realistically, these are the same special features that appeared in the Japanese release: Japan is cutting back on extras because they're expensive. FUNimation did get all of them. But, as several of the official reviews noted, its very strange that what should be a flagship release had no English ADR Director commentary or cast interviews.

For more thorough information, check out our sprawling three-hour long review of Rebuild of Evangelion 1.0 :

Part 1 is of the DVD release by FUNimation, and has some nice comparison shots showing how flaws Eva 1.01 is compared to Eva 1.11 -

Part 2 is a two hour long review of the English dub (which was very positive) -

ABOUT REVOLUTIONOFEVANGELION.ORG: Created on November 5th, 2009, is a fansite devoted to the Evangelion franchise, created by an assortment of fans from the [Adult Swim] messageboards and YouTube ("Web 2.0", independent of the major websites or convention circuit). In the past six months, we've been steadily growing, now running Evangelion panels and doing English voice cast Q&A at multiple national-level conventions across the country. "Our operation is small, but there's a lot of potential for aggressive expansion".

The so-called "ReVolution of Evangelion" is "a popular-disgust revolt against the incompetent, elitist weirdos who currently run Eva fandom, who are our version of The Lord of the Rings fandom's hippie-fans from the 1960's". REVA is dedicated to "finding out the answers that were always there, but the fanboys never bothered to figure out," by analyzing the official guidebooks from Japan and statements from the Gainax creators themselves: no more crazy baseless fanboy theorization. The creators of the show have openly and repeatedly stated that the religious symbols were absolutely meaningless and just thrown in to "look cool"; and that Evangelion is actually a social commentary on Japanese society (post-World War II in general, and the Lost Decade of the 1990's in particular) mixed with a psychological character study, which deconstructs the Giant Robot franchise (much as Watchmen deconstructed superhero comics).

We are not here to provide our own "interpretations" of Eva, as the fanboys have been doing, but to develop "explanations" for it based on evidence. We take it as a given that *no one* in the past 15 years developed good explanations for Evangelion, and far from "everything that can be said about Eva, has been said"...nothing of value was produced other than a lot of bickering: you can't name a single "Eva guidebook" that the fanboys produced, not in 15 years. Nor do we think Evangelion is actually a very "complicated" series (anymore than LOTR), its just that many times the fanboys didn't even bother to read the official guidebooks themselves. Therefore, we're "restarting Evangelion fandom from scratch".

REVA's core principles are that *anyone* is "a fan" if they've watched the whole thing, no matter how recently (indeed, most of our leadership watched the series in 2005 or later, either off of [Adult Swim] or in full-series DVD box sets). REVA is pro-English dub, anti-bootleg downloads, and we have a strict anti-porn fanart policy (that stops *now*). REVA is also pro-Rebuild of Evangelion, and pro-live action Evangelion adaptation.

For more information, check out our "About REVA" page read our ReVolutionary Manifesto (Mission Statement): "Eva's in the theaters, all's right with the world"

Contact information: [email protected] (ReVolutionOfEvangelion_dot_Org at

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