Japan Expo Welcomes Michael Sinterniklaas

Santa Clara, CA – August 6th, 2013 Japan Expo Announces American Voice Actor and Producer, Michael Sinterniklass!

Japan Expo is very pleased to welcome Michael Sinterniklaas. A veteran of the animation industry, Michael Sinterniklaas is the founder of the recording studio NYAV Post LLC, which has facilities in both New York and Los Angeles. Michael has been busy at work producing, directing, and voice acting in various animated works. His recent work includes producing and directing the upcoming English language version of Directions Inc.'s TIME OF EDEN.

He has also worked on directing Sunrise's GUNDAM UNICORN OVA, and on various projects with FUNImation including producing and voice acting in both the SLAYERS EVOLUTION-R and SLAYERS REVOLUTION series in the role of Xellos Metallium, and voice work in EDEN OF THE EAST and SENGOKU BASARA. Michael also has done work as ADR director for Viz Media's BERSERK, and voice work in TIGER & BUNNY, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN and MONSTER.

Outside of anime, Michael is well known as the voice of Dean Venture on the popular Cartoon Network series, VENTURE BROS., as Funshine Bear in CARE BEARS: WELCOME TO CARE-A- LOT, and worked as a producer for the English version of the Oscar Nominated French Animated Film A CAT IN PARIS, and many more!

He is excited to make his first appearance at Japan Expo 1st Impact He will be attending all three days of the festival. He will be participating in Q&A panels, autographs sessions and more!

About Japan Expo and SEFA Entertainment
Japan Expo is the premier event of SEFA Entertainment, based in San Francisco, California. SEFA Entertainment is the American subsidiary of JTS Group, originators of Japan Expo located in Paris, France. Founded in 1999, Japan Expo is the largest Japanese popular culture event of its kind in Europe, and one of the largest in the world with 219,614 certified attendees in 2012.

Since the creation of this event the Japan Expo brand has expanded to include a number of events across Europe throughout the calendar year. Japan Expo is now expanding to include North America as well. Working together with JTS Group, SEFA Entertainment is committed to bringing its unique skillset and expertise to create our first event “Japan Expo, 1st Impact” in Santa Clara, California from August 23rd-25th, 2013.

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