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Udon Entertainment Releases First Two Volumes of Steins;Gate Manga in English

The exciting manga adaptation of the fan-favorite Steins;Gate game launches with the first two volumes, courtesy of Udon Entertainment

Toronto, ON – DEC. 22, 2015 – Anime and game fans have already fallen in love with Steins;Gate, a wildly successful, critically-acclaimed science-fiction thriller that provides a fresh, unique spin on the oft-explored subject of time travel. Now, the Steins;Gate phenomenon is set to spread like wildfire into the world of manga with Udon Entertainment's release of the first two volumes in the series, localized into English for Western audiences for the very first time!

Based on the original game, the Steins;Gate manga begins with a vital question: what do you get when you cross a microwave with a cell phone? A time machine, of course! Thanks to this wacky experiment, self-proclaimed mad scientist Hououin Kyouma and his Future Gadgets team now have the ability to send text messages into the past. But will this incredible power to alter the past be used for personal gain, to change the world, or for something much more sinister? The answers to these questions as well as the unpredictable consequences of time travel are explored in Steins;Gate, a gripping science-fiction adventure with a comedic edge.

While the Steins;Gate manga series serves as a fantastic entry point into this mixed-media juggernaut for newcomers, existing fans will no doubt enjoy it as a valuable refresher as they prepare for the shocking events to come in the upcoming game and anime sequel Steins;Gate Zero!

The first two volumes of Steins;Gate are available now in finer comic book shops, book stores, and online retailers. Volume 3, the final in the series, is set for release in March 2016.


ISBN: 978-1927925508

DETAILS: 178pg, 5.75x8.75", B&W, Manga

MSRP: $12.99 USD



ISBN: 978-1927925553

DETAILS: 174pg, 5.75x8.75", B&W, Manga

MSRP: $12.99 USD



ISBN: 978-1927925713

DETAILS: 178pg, 5.75x8.75", B&W, Manga

MSRP: $12.99 USD



Udon Entertainment is a publisher of original and translated art books, graphic novels, and manga. UDON boasts an incredible lineup of highly sought-after products with production quality and English localization work that is second to none. Our best-known projects are those based on popular video game franchises, including Street Fighter, Okami, Mega Man, Dark Souls, Persona, Bayonetta, Valkyria Chronicles, Sonic the Hedgehog, and many more. UDON also publishes books based on top anime properties including Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gurren Lagann, and Haruhi Suzumiya as well as completely original projects like RandomVeus, Makeshift Miracle, and Substrata.

UDON's creative services division is dedicated to providing high-quality artwork to the entertainment industry in the form of sequential art, character designs, packaging artwork, style guides, illustration, and graphic design. Our clients include Marvel Comics, DC Comics, CAPCOM, Nintendo, Disney, Legendary Pictures, Warner Brothers, Mattel, Hasbro, and many other partners in the fields of film, television, comic books, toys, and video games.

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