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LOS ANGELES, CA., February 16, 2018 — PREAPP PARTNERS, a Japan-based videogame development company, is excited to announce today that the Early Access version of their user-generated content app, SHOWMAKER, is now available on Steam free of charge. Early Access will launch with the MISS Monochrome 3D model along with several songs, including the karaoke versions of several famous Japanese anime songs! And of course we'll be adding more songs in the near future!

SHOWMAKER is calling all Steam users to create their own shows with the included MISS Monochrome model or any other character imported into the app, and share their videos on your favorite social media outlets to showcase your creation! Hashtag your video with #Showmaker to share your final show with other users!

What is SHOWMAKER? SHOWMAKER is an app that will let you become a show producer and program every element of your live stage performances however you want. You can also experience your creations in VR for a more lively home experience (coming at a later date). SHOWMAKER connects users worldwide by letting you share your shows on social media, allowing you to become a show producer for all the world to see! With future DLC and user-created content, the possibilities of SHOWMAKER are limitless!

The developer, PREAPP PARTNERS, is asking all users to try out the app during Early Access and give them feedback and suggestions on what kind of features and usability to add to the app. Starting with an early in-progress build, and with user inputs, the development team is eager to expand the horizons of the app!

Check it out in Early Access here! And let your voice be heard on the Steam forum here!

Early Access will feature the following, and more to be added in coming weeks and months:

- Motion settings: Choose from dozens of animations to create your own dance sequences to go along perfectly with your choice of song!

- Lighting: Stage lighting style, pattern, and colors set the mood!
- Stage design: Early Access will let you create your show with a simple stage, but more to come!
- Camera angles: Control three cameras to air your show, then output your show to a shareable movie file!

SHOWMAKER will connect users and grow along with their unlimited imagination!
More information coming soon to the Steam page!
(SHOWMAKER Steam Page)

Established in 2013, PREAPP PARTNERS specializes in planning and development for console, mobile, and PC games. Their motto is, “The Future is Our Greatest Challenge”, and their efforts are focused on creating content that enriches peoples' lives.

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