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Buddy Daddies
Episode 9

by Lynzee Loveridge,

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Buddy Daddies ?
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Our happy family, for now.
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Hi everyone! I'm back from a long overdue break and ready to jump into more Buddy Daddies. Last week was a recap, and this week we get our last happy little reprieve before shit hits the fan. "NO SWEET WITHOUT SWEAT" is an emotional reward for Rei following his decision to go with his chosen family over the legacy of his overbearing, bloodthirsty, and all-around terrible human of a father. This is set against the backdrop of Miri's first Field Day at her daycare.

This episode is far from revelatory, but Buddy Daddies is firmly set in its mood. Despite what some of us hoped for, it centers on heartfelt family comedy, whereas the hitman action portion is tertiary. I enjoyed the show more once I accepted that Buddy Daddies wouldn't intermingle missions with kid-rearing as much as I thought.

The gooey center this week is Rei. Still a man of few words, Rei has fulfilled a big brother role for Miri, more than a co-parent. Kazuki has all the enthusiasm of a mom at her child's first ballet recital, whereas Rei is caught up in the whirlwind of his partner's exuberance. He supports Miri and listens to her; how else would he know to stuff onigiri with choco ring cereal? But Rei's upbringing was focused on precise physical aptitude and violence with little consideration toward emotional intelligence or basic life skills, like how to cook breakfast. There certainly was no space for joy.

This episode is light on conflict, but what is there is internal. Rei discovers what it feels like to get swept up in anticipation of seeing your child put their best effort into something and wanting to support them. That's the crux for what makes a family, not blood relation, but the desire to uplift and support someone and witness their successes and failures. Miri affirms this during the scavenger hunt when she selects Rei as her "family" to present at the end. It was a wonderful emotional affirmation of the show's themes, but we all know something sinister is just around the corner.


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