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The List
5 Best Monster Girl Anime

by Jacki Jing & Lynzee Loveridge,

As you probably heard, this season's Interspecies Reviewers proved to be too hot for TV. We'll keep our fingers crossed for a home video release but if you're still looking to get your monster girl fix, we've got five great alternatives full of comedy, romance, and just enough cheesecake to tide you over.

5. A Centaur's Life:
This series isn't afraid to ask the tough...and sometimes embarrassing questions of monster girl puberty. Based on the manga by Kei Murayama, Himeno is a centaur living a normal high school life with her monster friends Nozomi the demon and Kyoko the half-satyr. Together they try to navigate there seemingly perfect world, but A Centaur's Life has some interesting things to say about our not-so- magical real world, too. The anime isn't able to really get into it, but let's just say things are deeper than they look. You can find more about the story's intricate world-building in the manga, released in English by Seven Seas!

4. Dropkick on My Devil!
Summon demons at your own risk! Someone should have told Yurine that when she conjures up Jashin- chan, a lamia that is stuck here until she manages to kill Yurine. This witch in goth lolita clothing is no push over though, Jashin's murder plots are no match for Yurine's brutal suplexes. Eventually, Jashin is joined by more monstrous ladies, like her girlfriend Medusa, the always hungry angel Pekola, and Minos the Minotaur. This slapstick series will get a sequel in April, so if you find yourself a new fan there's more on the way!

3. Interviews with Monster Girls
Demihumans have become a part of everyday life but they still face certain struggles integrating into society. Teacher Tetsuo Takahashi decides to start small—he'll interview his demihuman students to find out more about their needs. Throughout the series we get to know the vampire Hikari who craves blood but is totally cool with garlic on her pizza, Kyoko the dullahan who's neck exists in some kind of alternate dimension, and Yuki the snow woman. All the girls struggle to connect with their peers due to their reputation; but through getting to know Tetsuo and each other, things get easier. This is a cute series about friendship and overcoming stereotypes. T_T So pure!

2. Actually, I Am…
Loose lips sink ships and poor Asahi has never managed to keep a secret in his life. He vows to change this when he finds out the girl of his dreams is a vampire. Yoko's got the sharp teeth, bat wings, and a sensitivity to sunlight that causes her to tan really quickly. Asahi swears not to tell a soul but that gets harder and harder as he discovers that Yoko isn't the only monster hiding in his classroom. Imagine the shock of learning one of your friends is actually a tiny alien piloting a robot, a werewolf, or an ancient demon. Asahi's situation only gets more and more absurd as he tries to keep everyone's secrets straight and keep himself from spilling the beans.

1. Monster Musume
Alright, for all you grown ups out there, there's no better monster fanservice show better than Monster Musume. Our hapless hero is Kimihito, a run-of-the-mill guy who gets roped into hosting an exchange between the humans and mythical creatures. In Monster Musume's world, monster girls have always existed but the government worked overtime to keep their existence a secret. Now the cat's out of the bag and monsters are coming over to live with humans to act as ambassadors. The suspiciously named Ms. Smith brings Miia the Lamia to Kimihito's front door on accident but he's too nice to send them away. That was his first mistake as Smith keeps bringing MORE monsters to live with him, going as far as renovating his house to add a full-size pool for a mermaid. If you're looking for a huge variety of monster ladies with just enough comedy to balance its sexier scenes, you can't go wrong with Monster Musume.


This week we're letting you pick the best monster girl shows. Tell us your top five in the poll!

Last week we asked you what your favorite anime opening songs were for winter 2020 and it looks like most of you guys were in agreement that Eizouken's “Easy Breezy” is this season's unstoppable hit.

Here's your guys' top five songs!

  1. “Easy Breezy” by chelmico (Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!)
  2. “No. 7” by Jibaku Shounen Band (Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun)
  3. “Welcome to Chaos” by (K)NoW_NAME (Dorohedoro)
  4. “Chou no Tobu Suisou” by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure (Pet)
  5. “PHOENIX” by Burnout Syndromes (Haikyu!! To The Top)

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