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Anime Spotlight - Knights of Sidonia

by Anthony Foronda,
Broadcast Begins April 2014 (JST)

Key Staff

Director: Kobun Shizuno
(Armored Core: Fort Tower Song OAV , Detective Conan: Private Eye in the Distant Sea , G.I. Joe Sigma Six (U.S. TV))
Screenplay: Sadayuki Murai
(Steamboy, Millennium Actress, Perfect Blue )
Theme Song Performance: Eri Kitamura
(Mayo Chiki, Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!, Sunday Without God)
Theme Song Performance: angela
(K, Fafner, Asura Cryin )



The solar system has been destroyed by Gauna, an extraterrestrial species we could not communicate with. A small portion of humanity, who barely managed to survive, now travels the stars aboard the generation ship Sidonia, a colossal vessel whose hull was carved from an asteroid.

Over a millennia has passed, and the year is now 1009 After Departure. Nagate Tanikaze, a young boy secretly raised in the bottom most layers of the ship, decides to venture into the world above after his grandfather's death. Nagate finds himself assigned to the Pilot Training Academy to operate a GARDE, a giant humanoid, armored suit, and there he gets to know other humans for the first time.

Shizuka Hoshijiro—the first girl Nagate recognizes as a member of the opposite sex. Izana Shinatose—a human neither male nor female who becomes Nagate's first friend. Norio Kunato—another youth who grows irritated with Nagate's achievements.

While these cadets undergo their training together, Nagate and the others receive their first mission. It was never meant to be a difficult one.

Without warning, a Gauna appears before Nagate and the others. When they faced with this threat for the first time in a century, what will humanity, and Nagate, choose?

The battle to determine the survival of humanity begins now.


TS 谷(Tani) – 028 Nagate Tanikaze
VA:Ryota Oosaka
Guardian Pilot Cadet, 628th generation. Pilot of the “Tsugumori” Cadet Training Unit ID# TS 谷 (Tani)-028

Since he grew up living with his grandfather, Hiroki Saito, on the abandoned lower levels of Sidonia, he knows little of society and doesn't talk much. Once Hiroki died, he snuck up into the residential district of the upper layers and got caught trying to steal rice. After that, the Captain made arrangements for him to become a Guardian pilot cadet. Unlike other crewmembers of Sidonia, he's unable to photosynthesize and must eat daily.

TS 科(Shina) – 291 Izana Shinatose
VA: Aki Toyosaki
Guardian Pilot Cadet, 628th generation. Cadet Training Unit ID# TS 科(Shina) – 291

Izana's gender is neither male nor female, Izana's appearance androgynous. Izana's the first person Nagate befriends on the surface. Izana acts friendly towards Nagate, though Izana also shows some jealousy towards Hoshijiro and Yuhata.

TS 星(Hoshi) – 336 Shizuka Hoshijiro
VA:Aya Suzaki
Guardian Pilot Cadet, 628th generation. Cadet Training Unit ID#TS 星(Hoshi) – 336.

The young girl who encountered Nagate when he tried to steal rice in the residential district.

TS 岐(Ku) – 001 Norio Kunato
VA: Takahiro Sakurai
Guardian Pilot Cadet, 628th generation. Cadet Training Unit ID# TS 岐(Ku) – 001.

His skills are extremely fine, and he prides himself as one of the top cadets. He's also to become the 8th generation heir to Kunato Developments, and is extremely proud. He discriminates against Nagate and Izana, considering them "sub-humans", and doesn't think too well of the fact that Nagate is the one piloting the hero's Guardian, Tsugumori.

TS 煉(Ren) – 203 TS 焔(En) – 206 TS 烽(Ho) – 205 Honoka Series
VA:Eri Kitamura
Guardian Pilot Cadet, 628th generation. Cadet Training Unit ID# TS 煉(Ren) – 203, TS 焔(En) – 206, and TS 烽(Ho) – 205.

11 clones rapidly grown in artificial amniotic fluid and given accelerated educations. All sisters share the exact same appearance. Their appearance and intelligence differ little from the other cadets, but they are only about 5 years old.

Yuhata Midorikawa
VA:Hisako Kanemoto

A suddenly transfers into the Guardian Pilot Training Academy, 628th generation. Her older brother is a member of Sidonia's most distinguished strongest Guardian unit, the Akai squad. Her hobby is building plastic models of Guardians.

TS 山(Yama) – 205 Eiko Yamano
VA:Nanako Mori

Guardian Pilot Cadet, 628th generation. A studious young woman, who achieved her position as a cadet through hard work, so she holds some antagonism towards Nagate and Izana who got their assignments under special conditions.

Samari Ittan
VA: Atsuko Tanaka
Guardian Pilot. Unit ID# 005.

A female pilot appointed as leader during their deployment. Her skill and popularity are unmatched, and she's very popular with the male pilots. More than a few of them want to photosynthesize with Samari, but she doesn't doesn't let it bother her.

Ichiro Seii
VA: Tomohiro Tsuboi
Deputy Commander

Commands the Guardian squads under Captain Kobayashi.

Captain Kobayashi
VA: Sayaka Ohara

The 28th Captain of Sidonia, and commander in chief of the Sidonian forces. She wears a mask resembling a deadpan face in front of civilian crew members. Calm and level-headed, she's capable of making the tough calls for the sake of Sidonia.

VA: Takehito Koyasu

Captain's Assistant. Aide to Captain Kobayashi and the young man responsible for Nagate's care.

Lalah Hiyama
VA: Satomi Arai

Dorm mother of the pilot dorms. She's a bear-type dorm mother in charge of running the dorm for pilots and cadets. She's usually very nice, but she gets mad when people call her by her first name, “Lalah”, and her wild instincts are let loose.



Nagate Tanikaze
Ryota Oosaka
Shizuka Hoshijiro
Aya Suzaki
Izana Shinatose
Aki Toyosaki
Norio Kunato
Takahiro Sakurai
Yuhata Midorikawa
Hisako Kanemoto
Honoka Series
Eri Kitamura
Captain Kobayashi
Sayaka Ohara
Ichiro Seii
Tomohiro Tsuboi
Takehito Koyasu
Lalah Hiyama
Satomi Arai
Samari Ittan
Atsuko Tanaka
Eiko Yamano
Nanako Mori
Takako Honda
Kousuke Toriumi
Mozuku Kunato
Ayane Sakura
Shinsuke Tanba
Osamu Saka


Original Manga
Tsutomu Nihei
Animation Production
Polygon Pictures
Kobun Shizuno
Hiroyuki Seshita
Series Composition/Script
Sadayuki Murai
Production Designer
Naoya Tanaka
Art Director
Mitsunori Kataama
CG Supervisor
Masayuki Uemoto/dd>
Battle Animatics
Eiji Ohkushi
Character Design
Yuki Moriyama
Director of Audiography
Yoshikazu Iwanami
Noriyuki Asakura

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