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Supanova Brisbane 2009
Madman Panel

by Luke Carroll,

Madman Anime Panel Supanova Brisbane 2009



- Darker than Black
- Devil May Cry
- Ouran High School Host Club (Released as 2 half season collections)
- Negima?! Series 2 Collection 1
- Innocent Venus Collection
- Naruto Collection 11
- School Rumble Second Semester Collection 2


- Buso Renkin Collection 1
- Fushigi Yugi Collection 1
- Strait Jacket
- Kyo kara Maoh! Season 2 Collection 1
- Bleach Season 2 Collection
- Witchblade Collection
- DBZ Remastered Season 8 Collection
- DBZ Remastered Movie Collection 4


- Dragon Ball (3 Volume sized books)
- Dragon Ball Z (3 Volume sized books)
- Naruto 44
- Star Trek: The Next Generation
- Battlestar Galactica

Eastern Eye

- Maiko Haaaan!!!
- Tokyo Gore Police

Madman Goes Blu-Ray

Transformers the Movie
- June Release
- Final Price and Spec to be Confirmed

Adult Swim

- Aqua Teen Season 5
- Frisky Dingo Season 2
- Ben 10 Alien Force Season 3

Anime Sampler Dvd
Anime Update Magazine

Fan Zone

Madman National Cosplay
- Still 3 legs to go (Sydney, Perth, Adelaide)

Screening Room

First episodes will include:

- School Rumble
- Black Blood Brothers
- Darker than Black
- Devil May Cry


- Rozen Maiden
- Gurren Lagann
- 5 Centimetres per Second
- Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

- Tactics
- Tokko
- Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody

Madman Q&A

Q: When will the second season of Code Geass be released?
A: Very soon after the first season ends, possibly in September or October.

Q: Will the manga be censored or uncut?
A: Completely uncut.

Q: Will Madman be getting Loveless?
A: I can't say anything at the moment, so that's a maybe.

Q: When's the second set of Wallflower coming out?
A: July, because we've been patiently waiting for materials from Funimation.

Q: Will you be doing Macross Frontier?
A: Unfortunately, anything to do with Macross can't be touched due to what we call 'licensing hell'. Basically we can't touch it until a number of things are sorted out, but we would love to release it.

Q: Will you be releasing Gundam 00?
A: I don't know unfortunately.

Q: When will you be releasing D.Gray-man?
A: We will be releasing this in a couple months I believe.

Q: Will there be another Ghost in the Shell series?
A: I don't know.

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