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鹿野 優以
Family name (in kanji): 鹿野
Given name (in kanji): 優以
Date of birth: 1983-12-22
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Blood type: O
Skills & Abilities:
Flower Arrangement
Koto performance
Tea Ceremony
Web Diary / Blog:
Roman Nikki (Japanese)
Non-anime roles:
Edy Nelson in "Valkyria Chronicles 3" (VG) (Japanese)
Edy Nelson in "Valkyria Chronicles 4: Eastern Front" (VG) (Japanese)
Edy Nelson in "Valkyria Chronicles II" (VG) (Japanese)
Edy Nelson in "Valkyria Chronicles" (VG) (Japanese)
Extra in "Tales of Symphonia ~a long time ago~ vol.2" (Drama CD) (Japanese)
Hikage Miyakawa in "Lucky ☆ Star: Ryōō Gakuen Ōtōsai" (VG) (Japanese)
Kory Anders/Koriand'r /Starfire (Anna Diop) in "Titans" (live-action web series) (Japanese)
Lǐ Shāo-Shāo in "Transformers: Kiss Players" (radio)
Montley Leonard in "Valkyria Chronicles" (VG) (Japanese)
Nicholas in "Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon" (VG) (Japanese)
Olga in "Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana" (VG) (Japanese)
Player's voice (Female 01) in "God Eater 2" (VG) (Japanese)
Protagonist (Female Voice 4 & 6) in "God Eater Burst" (VG) (Japanese)
Protagonist (Female Voice 6) in "God Eater 3" (VG) (Japanese)
Rosetta in "Rune factory frontier" (VG/Wii) (Japanese)
Rosetta in "Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon" (VG) (Japanese)
Yuki in "Clannad" (VG) (Japanese)
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Staff in:
Queen's Blade: Beautiful Warriors (OAV) : Theme Song Performance (ED)

Cast in:
Aoi Bungaku Series (TV) as Wife A (Sakura no Mori arc; ep 5)
Ayakashi - Samurai Horror Tales (TV) as Okou (Tenshu Monogatari); Ominaeshi (Tenshu Monogatari)
Battle Spirits: Heroes (TV) as Announcer (ep 38); Shinko; Student (ep 39)
Beet the Vandel Buster Excellion (TV) as Maid (ep 3)
Beyblade: Metal Fury (TV) as Selene Gracie (ep 117)
Beyblade: Metal Masters (TV) as Selen Gracy
Beyblade: Shogun Steel (TV) as Selen Garcia
Binbō Shimai Monogatari (TV) as Aida-san (Asu's classmate; ep 8); Ginko's classmate (ep 6); temple festival visitor (ep 1)
Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage (TV) as Child (ep 23)
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (TV) as Babylon Nurse (ep 39); Kangaroo (ep 37)
Bunny Drop (TV) as Gotō (eps 3-4, 7)
Chrome Shelled Regios (TV) as Dalshena Che Matelna
Clannad After Story (TV) as Yuki (eps 5-6)
Claymore (TV) as Karla; Pamela
D.C.S.S. ~Da Capo Second Season~ (TV) as Child (ep 12); Female (ep 10); Female Student (ep 4)
D4DJ First Mix (TV) as Piano Teacher (ep 4)
DearS (TV) as Boy 2 (ep 9)
Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z (TV) as Yo-Yo Girl (ep 1)
Dragon Ball Super (TV) as Presenter (ep 15); Woman (ep 1)
Fantastic Detective Labyrinth (TV) as Announcer (ep 23); Seiran Shinano (boy) (ep 22)
Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! (OAV) as Clerk's daughter
Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! (TV) as Clerk's Daughter (ep 13)
Gegege no Kitarō (TV 5/2007) as Girl (ep 29); Woman (ep 21)
Gintama (TV) as Heromes (eps 34-35)
(The) Girl Who Leapt Through Space (TV) as Byakuya Subaru
Glass Mask (TV 2/2005) as Official (ep 23)
Gosick (TV) as Cecile Lafitte
Hells (movie) as Phantoma
Himawari Too!! (TV) as Momota; Wabisuke (eps 12-13); Wholesaler Fudenoko (ep 11)
Himawari! (TV) (ep 1); Fudenoko; Momota; Shidare Noren (ep 4); Wabisuke
Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu (OAV) as Mizushima (ep 1)
Kamisama Kazoku (TV) as Female student (ep 1); Nurse (ep 6)
Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique: Kokoro no Mezameru Toki (TV) as Bud (ep 8)
Lily, Frogs, and Little Brother. (special) as The Engagement of the Older Sister
Lucky Star (TV) as Hikage Miyakawa (eps 16, 24)
Mahō Sensei Negima!: Mō Hitotsu no Sekai (OAV) as Electronic Spirit B (ep 2)
Mōryō no Hako (TV) as Boy (ep 6); Nurse (eps 2-3); Passerby (ep 11); Schoolgirl (ep 8); Schoolgirl A (ep 1); Schoolgirl B (ep 9); Waitress B (ep 4)
Mōryō no Hako: Hako no Yūrei no Koto (OAV) as Schoolboy B
Nabari no Ou (TV) as Kazuho Amatatsu
Nighthead Genesis (TV) as Sanae Hanaoka (ep 5)
Noramimi (TV) as Girl of triangle (ep 5)
One Piece (TV) as Ban Dedessinée; Chao; Charlotte Custard; Charlotte Fuyumeg; Charlotte Marnier; Ishley; Lady Tree; Law's Mother
One Piece Episode of East Blue: Luffy to 4-nin no Nakama no Daibōken (special)
One Piece Episode of Luffy: Hand Island no Bōken (special) as Islander
One Piece Film Z (movie 12) as Purin
Our Home's Fox Deity (TV) as Misaki Sakura
Peach Girl (TV) as female student A (ep 21)
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal (ONA 2015) as Sister (ep 15)
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal: Season III (TV 2016) as Disciplinary Committee Member (ep 2); Female High School Student (ep 1)
Queen's Blade 2: The Evil Eye (TV) as Irma
Queen's Blade: The Exiled Virgin (TV) as Irma (eps 6, 8)
Ring ni Kakero 1 (TV) as Kawai's Fan (ep 8)
Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter - Elysion (OAV) as Nymph (ep 2)
Saki Episode of Side A (TV) as Mairu Shiromizu
Samurai Gun (TV) as Landlady (ep 1)
Senjō no Valkyria 3: Ta ga Tame no Jūsō (OAV) as Edy Nelson
(The) Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse (TV) as Grandson (eps 2-3)
Shonen Onmyouji (TV) as Wife 2 (ep 19)
Sket Dance (TV) as Kanako Horii (eps 62-64)
Spelunker Sensei (OAV) as Female Student; Waitress
Stella Women's Academy, High School Division Class C3 (TV) as Student council president (ep 12)
Sumomomo Momomo - Chijō Saikyō no Yome (TV) as Momoko Kuzuryu
Super Short Comics (ONA)
Supernatural: The Anime Series (OAV) as Kim (ep 13)
Top Secret ~The Revelation~ (TV) as Announcer (ep 1); Baby (ep 15); Female Anna (ep 13); Female Newscaster (ep 7); Ghost (ep 10); High School Girl (ep 18); Newscaster (ep 9); Reporter (eps 20, 22-23); Sweets Shop Clerk (ep 8); TV narrator (ep 2); Woman A (ep 17)
Valkyria Chronicles (TV) as Edy Nelson
Yume Tsukai (TV) as Megumi Hamachi (ep 4)
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