Henjo's Twitter Lets Users Automatically Generate 4-Panel Manga

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The official Twitter account for Yoshiru Konogi's Henjo ~Hen na Joshi Kōsei Amaguri Senko~ (Weird Girl: Strange Female High School Student Senko Amaguri) manga is back at it again with a novel automated tweet function. In November, the account held the "manga industry's first" automated digital autograph session. Now, the account is offering automatically generated four-panel manga.

In Konogi's announcement manga for the tweet campaign, Senko tells one of the manga's male characters about the project. She wonders if he tried to generate a manga about "boobs." He denies it, but the truth is that he had actually entered a more obscene word for the bot to use to make manga.

In order to participate, people must reply to the announcement tweet with "four panel" in Japanese, plus a theme listed in parentheses that they want the bot to use to make the manga. The theme can be a maximum of eight characters in Japanese. A bot then uses panels from Konogi's manga, inserts new text, and replies with the manga itself. The announcement also states that more characters will debut as people retweet the campaign.

The example automatically generated four-panel manga below feature the themes "influenza," "boobs," and "Young Animal."

Konogi launched the original manga in 2012, and Hakusensha released the eighth compiled book volume on November 29. The ninth volume will ship on March 29. The story centers on a perverted female high school student named Senko Amaguri. Two young men come to live and work with her father and his odd-job company. Senko torments the men with her strange personality.

Source: Comic Natalie

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