Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Game Offers Devil May Cry Costumes

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Capcom released Devil May Cry costumes for its Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition game on Monday. The costumes let Ken, Ed, and Laura to appear as Dante, Nero, and Gloria.

Dante is the protagonist of the Devil May Cry series, and the new costume is inspired by his look in Devil May Cry 4. The look includes Dante's sword Rebellion. Players can also equip Ken with a Gilgamesh armor set using the alternate code.

Nero is the protagonist of Devil May Cry 4. The costume includes the Yamato blade of Dante's brother Vergil, and it appears around floating behind Ed as Nero. Players can use the alternate code to reveal Nero's Devil Bringer arm. Both the Dante and Nero costumes are available on PlayStation and Steam for US$3.99 each.

The costume based on Gloria, who also appears in Devil May Cry 4, will be available in Extra Battle Mode. The alternate code will let players replace Laura's hair with Gloria's.

The Gloria costume will be the first crossover costume that will be available through the Extra Battle Mode, and it will be available through completing challenges in July. The mode requires players to complete four weekly challenges per month to unlock a costume for purchase with Fight Money. The next costume after Gloria will be Mega Man 2's Air Man for Rashid.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, the update for the Street Fighter V fighting game, launched on January 16. The update includes Arcade Mode, Extra Battle Mode, more V-Trigger moves, Gallery, and a UI design overhaul. In addition to the Season 3 characters, the game will include 28 characters from Season 1 and Season 2.

Source: Capcom Unity via Siliconera

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