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Re:␣Hamatora Anime's 1st Full Promo Previews Story, Theme Songs

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
livetune feat. 9mm Parabellum Bullet, Chiyū voice actress Ayami perform themes for July 7 anime

The official website for the Re:␣Hamatora television anime sequel is streaming the first full promotional video for the series on Monday.

[Warning: The promotional video and its transcript below both contain spoilers for the end of the original Hamatora anime. Highlight the text below to view.]

    Text: It's been three months since that incident...
    Murasaki: Three months have passed since the Minimum Holder incident that Moral caused. The rebellion completely petered out, and I suppose it's safe to say that the residents of Yokohama got back their normal lives. In addition, the extreme racism towards Minimum Holders increased. However, erasing a bad image that's already there is more difficult than anything. Even so, this town is trying to look forward and change. I've got to think that, or what you did won't be repaid... Nice.
    Search Bar: Yokohama Minimum riot
    Yokohama Minimum problem
    Yokohama Minimum calming of the situation
    Yokohama Minimum dangerous
    Yokohama Minimum crazy
    Woman: Anyway, my job for you is for you to capture a stalker! Find that perverted invisibilty guy and catch him!
    Hajime: We'll take on that job. We've started Hamatora Mark Two.
    Text: Murasaki, who lost Nice, forms a team with Hajime, and restarts his business of accepting odd jobs.
    Birthday: To think that Hajime would take over for Nice...
    Ratio: She probably has a lot of things she's taking into consideration.
    Honey: Why aren't there any job requests coming in!?
    Three: Isn't it because we aren't trusted?
    Honey: I guess people really are pulling away from us after that riot...
    Search Bar: Minimum Hikaru search
    Minimum Hikaru light-speed Minimum
    Minimum Hikaru idol
    Minimum Hikaru wants to be held
    Minimum Hikaru Satoshi Natsukawa
    Murasaki: Who's there!? Show yourself!
    Text: The trouble-shooter "Hikaru" who appeared in that very same Yokohama
    Hikaru: My name's Hikaru. I'm a Minimum Holder who has a light-speed Minimum.
    Girl: I'll ask up front: Can you guys kill a person?
    Text: The town of Yokohama begins to move once again after his appearance
    Murasaki: So in the end, it turns into this...
    Text: The Minimum Battle passed on from the previous series
    Hajime: I'll do it.
    Koneko: We might not be able to hold it back anymore...
    Text: They move forward, even as they are burdened with worries and discord,
    Text: And each moves closer to their own reply (answer).
    Hikaru: You're...?
    Art: The one who gathers sins... I guess?
    Text: And so, he begins to move as well...

In addition, the official Twitter account for the series announced that the collaborative unit of Livetune adding Takuro Sugawara (from 9mm Parabellum Bullet) will perform the anime's opening theme, “Sen no Tsubasa” (A Thousand Wings), and Ayami, the voice of Hamatora's Chiyū, will perform the ending theme, "Brand New World." The promotional video features both of the songs.

The new anime series, Re:␣Hamatora (Reply Hamatora), will premiere on July 7. The first anime's chief director Seiji Kishi is formally listed as the director for the new anime, but at the studio Lerche this time. (NAZ will be collaborating with Lerche.) The cast is returning and several other staff members are returning.

The Hamatora Fes 2014.summer event will screen exclusive special footage of Re:␣Hamatora at the Pacifico Yokohama on July 13. FuRyu will ship its Hamatora: Look at Smoking World game for Nintendo 3DS on July 17. A stage play will then run for 12 performances from August 16 to August 24 at the Haiyūza Theater Roppongi in Tokyo.

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