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Super Mario Bros. Stays at #1 in Japan, The First Slam Dunk Rebounds at #9

posted on by Adriana Hazra

The Super Mario Bros. Movie stayed at #1 in its sixth weekend at the Japanese box office. The film sold 379,000 tickets for 576,075,390 yen (about US$4.12 million) in its sixth weekend, and has sold a total of 7.675 million tickets to earn a cumulative total of 10,961,331,310 yen (about US$78.52 million).

The film sold 1.276 million tickets and earned 1.843 billion yen (about US$13.54 million) in its first three days in Japan.

The film has earned US$1,307,168,400 worldwide, surpassing Disney's Frozen film's US$1,284,540,518. It is now the #3 all-time highest-earning animated film worldwide if Disney's 2019 CG film The Lion King is counted as animated, or #2 if not.

The film opened in the U.S. and in over 60 markets worldwide on April 5.

The film has been the highest-grossing film of 2023 worldwide. The film is also the highest-earning video game adaptation in history.

Detective Conan: Kurogane no Submarine (The Black Iron Submarine), the 26th film in the Detective Conan franchise, stayed at #4 in its eighth weekend. The film earned 201,841,780 yen (about US$1.44 million) from Friday to Sunday. The film has sold a total of 8.864 million tickets for a cumulative total of 12,560,504,790 yen (about US$89.98 million).

The film opened on April 14, and it sold 2,176,407 tickets to earn 3,144,638,7340 yen (about US$23.4 million) in its first three days, making it the best three-day opening for the franchise. The film is the first in the franchise to earn more than 10 billion yen.

Yuzuru Tachikawa (Mob Psycho 100, Blue Giant, Case Closed: Zero the Enforcer, Death Parade) directed the film, and Takeharu Sakurai (six other Detective Conan films including Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet) wrote the screenplay. Yūgo Kanno (Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween, Psycho-Pass, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders) composed the music.

The live-action film of Hirohiko Araki's Kishibe Rohan Louvre e Iku (Rohan at the Louvre, or literally, Rohan Kishibe Goes to the Louvre; Rohan au Louvre in French) manga dropped from #3 to #5 in its second weekend. The film earned 187,211,430 yen (about US$1.34 million) from Friday to Sunday, and has earned a cumulative total of 664,301,070 yen (about US$4.76 million)

The film opened on May 26 and sold 221,000 tickets in its first three days to earn 315 million yen (about US$2.26 million).

Issei Takahashi (Whisper of the Heart, live-action Ikebukuro West Gate Park, March comes in like a lion) reprised his role as Rohan Kishibe. Marie Iitoyo (anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes) also returned as Kyoka Izumi, Rohan's editor. Kento Nagao plays Rohan during his younger days.

Gekijо̄ban IDOLiSH 7 LIVE 4bit BEYOND THE PERiOD, the theatrical anime concert for the IDOLiSH 7 multimedia franchise, dropped from #6 to #8 in its third weekend. The film earned 141,022,990 yen (about US$1.01 million) from Friday to Sunday, and has earned a cumulative total of 612,999,406 yen (about US$4.39 million).

The concert opened in Japan on May 20 and earned 220 million yen (about US$1.58 million) in its opening weekend. The 16 cast members of the IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER, Re: vale, and ŹOOĻ units reprised their roles from the anime series and games.

Hiroshi Nishikiori (Argonavis from BanG Dream!) and Kensuke Yamamoto (Trigun Stampede VFX art director) directed the anime at Orange. IDOLiSH 7 creator Bunta Tsushimi wrote the screenplay. Arina Tanemura (IDOLiSH 7, Full Moon o Sagashite) is credited for the original character design. Hitomi Miyazaki designed the characters. Eiji Inomoto (Trigun Stampede) was the CG chief director.

The First Slam Dunk, the new anime film of Takehiko Inoue's Slam Dunk basketball manga, jumped back into the top 10 in its 26th weekend ranking at #9. The film earned 69,824,810 yen (about US$500,400). The film has sold a total of 10.021 million tickets, and earned a cumulative total of 14,436,078,140 yen (about US$103 million).

The film is now the 15th highest-earning film of all time in Japan, and the ninth highest-earning anime film in Japan. It has earned 14.33 billion yen (about US$102.1 million) in Japan as of Sunday, surpassing the lifetime domestic earnings of Makoto Shinkai's Weathering With You film.

Inoue personally directed the film at Toei Animation and wrote the script. Among the listed staff members are character designer/animation director Yasuyuki Ebara (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress) and technical directors Katsuhiko Kitada (Attack on Titan episodes, Major: Yūjō no Winning Shot), Naoki Miyahara (Digimon Adventure, Popin Q), Toshio Ōhashi (LayereD Stories 0), and Yū Kamatani (Looking for Magical DoReMi, Precure Super Stars!).

The Psycho-Pass Providence 10th anniversary film dropped off the top 10 in its fourth weekend, but still earned 45,207,340 yen (about US$324,000) from Friday to Sunday. The film has earned a cumulative total of 518,202,990 yen (about US$3.71 million).

Chi no Halloween -Unmei- (Bloody Halloween -Fate-), the first of two sequel live-action films based on Ken Wakui's Tokyo Revengers manga, is still off the top 10 in its seventh weekend, but still earned 39,072,890 yen (about US$280,000) from Friday to Sunday. The film has earned a cumulative total of 2,408,942,190 yen (about US$17.26 million).

The first film of Gekijōban Collar×Malice Deep Cover, the two-part theatrical anime adaptation of Idea Factory's Otomate brand's Collar x Malice game, ranked at #1 in the mini-theater ranking in its opening weekend.

Sources: Kōgyō Tsūshin (link 2, link 3), comScore via KOFIC

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