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Episode 13

by Lynzee Loveridge,

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Bojji is still far from the castle as Queen Hiling, Dorshe, her newly introduced knight Ann, and her personal guard attempt to breach the castle walls. Apeas, who seemed stalwart in his dedication to Miranjo, begins to falter as Miranjo's new gang of criminals and her horde of mind-controlled beasts close in on the queen and his former brother-in-arms. Ranking of Kings has continuously shown that all of its characters can have more complicated emotions than what is apparent on the surface, but I'm starting to find myself just a little weary of its smoke and mirrors tactics.

Further, the character writing around Bosse has nullified any benefit of the doubt I've held onto for him. I had considered that maybe this was a man seeking power that got himself into a Rumpelstiltskin scenario that he can't escape, but "The Kingdom in Turmoil" reveals that his complicity in Miranjo's schemes has been causing undue pain for decades. She's now rumored to have been involved in the death of Bojji's own mother and, after learning that giant women can only have one offspring, she orchestrates his marriage to Hiling in further pursuit of extending his lifespan. Ranking of Kings continues to hold its cards close to its chest, but that leaves us unable to understand what kind of man does this. He might finally have to do something proactive once Bebin springs him from prison.

Miranjo isn't much better at this point either. She talks on about wanting to destroy Bosse's kingdom and family that she sees as a hurdle to some achievement – Bosse himself has said he wants to make Miranjo's dream come true – yet she doesn't seem incapable of some consideration for others, as we see when Apeas betrays her by saving Hiling and Ann. She seems to understand his motivations in the moment and arguably shows him (and by extension Hiling's forces) mercy for a few brief moments.

The "why" behind the current coup is difficult to put aside, but this episode is primarily a violent spectacle that includes genuine moments of terror, especially any moment featuring the possibly demonic Ouken. He reacts to Hiling's "holy light" spell and regenerates from mortal wounds in the same way you'd expect from an undead creature in a classic RPG. It's enough to send him staggering into the village where he unleashes further carnage and will inevitably end up facing Despa (whenever his horse makes it to town) and Desha's knights. Dorshe's one-man-stand against the beasts is also thrilling. I just love watching this guy fight and despite how he should by all means be a permanent pancake, I'm glad we haven't seen the last of him.

Before the episode ends, we see yet another implied allegiance change-up as Zokka and two assassins gain physical control of Miranjo from Apeas. This could give Hokuro and Domas the time they need in the underground but I expect this change to also be short-lived. Neither of these three criminals have any means of doing something to actually endanger Miranjo short of throwing her into a lake or something. Their motivations are presumably shallow; they want her to turn coal into gold or something similar.

We're only halfway through the series, but my major gripe is how in the dark we are about many of the show's primary players. I'd like a few answers please.


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