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Ms. Answerman: Shark Tale

by Rebecca Bundy,

For everyone who sends in a question, please understand that I cannot answer them all. My inbox has a lot of free space, so all of the questions I get are saved for a dry week when I don't have enough usable questions. This isn't to say that I'll be able to get back to all of them, but please resist the urge to resend a question to me. This won't get your questioned answered any quicker.

By any chance is Geneon doing something different with their DVD cases because as of late their cases have not had a very good quality. For an example the DVD binding side or whatever you call it has wrinkles on every single copy I have seen at the store. Also the Texhnolyze cases all have a huge snag of plastic on the front of it which really make it look crappy. Is Geneon doing something else with their cases or are they just being careless?

I checked my copies of Texhnolyze 1-3 and I don't notice anything unusual at all, let alone something as big as an ugly snag. I also checked the cases for some of Geneon's other titles, but none of them have the flaws that your copies have. While it is easy to blame Geneon (it IS their product after all), it could also be the store's fault or perhaps something that happened during shipping. The wrinkles could've been caused by water damage or improper shipping/packaging/storing, while the giant snag might've been caused by an employee with a box cutter. If someone presses too hard while cutting open a box, the knife can damage the merchandise inside.
If you want to be sure, try going to another store and seeing if their copies are in the same state yours are. If they aren't, go back to where you bought your DVDs and demand a refund.

I'm interested in comparing the music credits of my favorite shows to see if any of the same names ever pop up. But, I'm running into a problem. What is the difference between a Music Director, Music Producer, and just "Music" (which is what many are credited for)? I want to know in terms of how involved they are, and what each one does (in terms of composing the songs/pieces, or deciding where they should be placed in the show). Could you help me here? Thank you!

The Music Producer (or any producer for that matter) finances the entire thing, takes care of the budget, and has some creative input. The Director has a variety of responsibilities when it comes to creating the music and is considered talent, although the composer and the artist (when it's not just a composer and a symphony) generally have creative control. If they only have ‘Music’ listed, then it's possible that they didn't have a lot of money to put towards a decent director/producer.

Dear Ms. Answerman,
Can you recomend any good OST's? I'm really into anything thats orchestrated like Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop OST's. Anything like that would be fine.

Escaflowne, Wolf's Rain, and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex were all composed by Yoko Kanno, the woman behind Cowboy Bebop's soundtrack, and all have wonderful OSTs out there. Some other OSTs you might want to pick up are for Texhnolyze, .hack//SIGN, and FLCL, though in general it's hard to find a bad one (at least in my opinion).

I was wondering if a second season of Hikaru no Go was coming?

Nope, there are no plans to make another season of Hikaru no Go. If 75 episodes wasn't enough to satiate your lust for this series, Viz is in the process of releasing all 23 volumes of the manga as well as showing a chapter each month in Shonen Jump.

I was watched the Fruit Basket(4 disks). It really made me crying. I loved it! I was hope that it will be more series in the future? If not then email me a email address of Creator/writer?
Thank you,

Unfortunately, there are no plans to make more Fruits Basket in the future. You are however in luck since TOKYOPOP has been doing a nice job with releasing the manga series, which does continue on past where the anime leaves off. Volume 5 was just released yesterday, so you can still catch up without shelling out a lot of money up front.

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