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Fate Series Holds the Dōjin Throne at Comiket 94

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

This year's summer Comiket is on the horizon, which means stampedes, crazy booths and even a few celebrities making their dōjin debut. The twice a year event takes over Tokyo Big Sight with huge fanfare, but before the event kicks off, let's take a look at the dōjin circle stats to see which series are inspiring the most fan works this summer.

Winter Comiket 93 saw an upheaval as TYPE-MOON shot to the top, passing the previous leader Kantai Collection as well as Touhou Project, The IDOLM@STER and Touken Ranbu. This can likely be credited in part to the popularity of the Fate Grand/Order mobile game as well as the many recent anime adaptations based on the franchise.

"myrmecoleon," who regularly analyzes Comiket numbers for trends, shared their predictions based on currently registered Comiket dōjin circles and pixiv tags. They note that there are still some fluctuations in attendance, due in part to construction work to prepare Tokyo Big Sight for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This summer's event has 40,400 circles registered, which is about the same as the previous year.

Of the registered circles, TYPE-MOON's Fate franchise is holding the lead by a substantial margin, surpassing Comiket 93's numbers. A total of 2,256 circles this summer are Fate related, approximately 200 more compared to winter's event.

In second is Kantai Collection with 1,731 circles, a drop from Comiket 93. The IDOLM@STER took third with 1,485 circles, also a drop. Touhou Project took fourth with 1,355 circles, an increase from Comiket 93.

  1. Fate series: 2,256
  2. Kantai Collection: 1,731
  3. The IDOLM@STER: 1,485
  4. Touhou Project: 1,355
  5. Touken Ranbu: 1,067
  6. Love Live!: 595
  7. Azur Lane: 586
  8. Girls und Panzer: 529
  9. Yuri!!! on Ice: 505
  10. Vocaloid: 381
  11. Granblue Fantasy: 287
  12. Tiger & Bunny: 255
  13. Haikyu!!: 250
  14. Kuroko's Basketball: 250
  15. Mr. Osomatsu: 224
  16. Detective Conan: 197
  17. Attack on Titan: 180
  18. Kemono Friends: 170
  19. Ensemble Stars!: 141
  20. Land of the Lustrous: 15

This summer's event marks the first time that Azur Lane has ranked in the top dōjin circles. The Chinese smartphone game tasks players to collect World War II ships from various countries and use fleets of six ships to battle enemies. Shanghai Yostar released the game in Japan in September 2017 after it debuted in China that same year.

myrmecoleon predicts a surge in Virtual YouTuber dōjins starting next year with a total between 200 to 300 circles.They also predict an increase in Detective Conan dōjin thanks to popularity of the character Tōru Amuro. They also expect increases in Fate series, Azur Lane, My Hero Academia, Vocaloid, and The IDOLM@STER based on current pixiv trends.

Source: ASCII.jp (myrmecoleon) via Yara-on!

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