Sirfetch'd, Escavalier Pokémon Designs May Be Inspired by Medieval Paintings

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The world was reeling when Farfetch'd, a first generation Pokémon which had previously never received any evolved or alternate forms, was revealed to have an evolved form in the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield games known as Sirfetch'd.

Nintendo's press release indicates that perhaps Sirfetch'd - and another knight-themed Pokémon called Escavalier - may have been inspired by real-life medieval paintings. The press release reads: "[Sirfetch'd] are so noble in battle that they are often chosen as a motif for paintings. Of particular note is a painting—famous in the Galar region—that depicts a duel between a Sirfetch'd and an Escavalier."

This may be a reference to various paintings from the 13th and 14th centuries, which show armed knights fighting snails. A famous example is Knight v Snail V: Revenge of the Snail (from the Smithfield Decretals, southern France (probably Toulouse), with marginal scenes added in England (London), c. 1300-c. 1340, Royal MS 10 E IV, f. 107r), shown below.

Pokémon designs are drawn from a wide range of influences, from zoology to classic literature. Another example of a Pokémon which resembles European knights is Serperior, which Ken Sugimori stated was inspired by Oscar from Riyoko Ikeda's The Rose of Versailles.

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield will ship worldwide for the Switch on November 15.

Source: Nintendo Press Release, Medieval Manuscripts Blog via @avillanappears

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