2nd Anime Ad for LAVIE VEGA Notebook Computer Debuted

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Personal computer company NEC posted the 30-second version of its anime ad for its new notebook PC, the Lavie Vega last week.

The ad's story takes place in a futuristic Shibuya where human labor is no longer necessary thanks to the advancement of artificial intelligence. Instead, creativity is respected. Young people form teams called "clouds" in order to quickly gain fame and fortune. Emphasis is put on the latest gear and rumors begin to spread about the mysterious tech "VEGA."

The character Yūko and her grandfather created the "VEGA" tech. The members of the cloud team "HIGHER×HIGHER Inc." aim to monopolize the technology and pursue Yūko and Ayato until they reach the roof of an apartment building. Before they could be captured, the pair announce the launch of VEGA.

An earlier teaser showed the events leading up to the new ad.

The ad stars Aoi Yūki (My Hero Academia, Fire Force) as Yūko, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, Demon Slayer) as Ayato, Teruyuki Tanzawa (Haikyu!!) as the "HH Posse", and Yū Akiba as Shibayan. The band Survive Said the Prophet (Vinland Saga, Banana Fish) performed the theme song "Heroine." 7ZEL designed the ad's characters. Point Five Creations and THRONE INC animated the new ad. Shirogumi Inc. (Dragon Quest Your Story) and Studio Tulip animated the teaser.

The Lavie Vega notebook prices in at US$2,099 and is marketed as a home hub for creatives.

Source: MoCa News

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