Moe Market Worth 88 Billion Yen

posted on 2005-04-25 13:19 EDT
Moe market is one third of "Otaku Market"

Yahoo Japan has posted an article (in Japanese) about the Japanese market for moe.

Derived from the verb "a plant sprouting, " moe is an expression of adoration for innocent girls who are "as fresh as a flower bud"; can also be used to describe excitement towards an object or character.

According to a survey by Hamagin Research Institute, Ltd the market for 'Moe' merchandise, including printed media, visual media and games based on moe anime and manga characters surpassed 88.8 billion yen (US$840.5 million) in sales in 2003.

Hamagin divides the "moe" market into printed media, images and games. Games, primarily love simulations, are estimated to be worth 46 billion yen (52% of 88.8 billion yen) , printed media (primarily manga) worth 27.3 billion yen (31%), visual media (primarily anime, but also including other art) is worth 15.5 billion yen (17%).

With the Japanese "otaku industry" worth an estimated 290 billion yen (US$2.74 billion) in 2003, Moe related products accounted for almost a third of the otaku market.

Unmarried males in their 30s account for the majority of the moe market.

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