Digimon World: Next Order Heads Overseas on PS4 With English Dub (Updated)

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Digital & retail release in Americas, after game shipped in Japan on Vita in March

Bandai Namco Entertainment confirmed before this week's Tokyo Game Show that it will release Digimon World: Next Order for PlayStation 4 outside Japan early next year. The game will feature multiple language options, including English and Japanese voices as well as English, French, and Spanish subtitles. In the Americas, the game will be available "through the digital PlayStation Store and at retail stores."

The company describes the game:

Digimon World: Next Order begins when players are sucked into the Digital World to discover it is under siege by Machinedramons. Rescued by two Digimon from impending doom, players must forge forward with their Digimon partners and journey through the Digital World to discover the origins of the Machinedramon scourge and find a way back to the real world. Along the way, players will nurture and train their Digimon partners for battle as they progress through the game.

Digimon World: Next Order contains over 200 Digimon for players to meet, recruit, and interact with throughout their adventure. Digimon World: Next Order will also give players the choice of playing as either a male or female protagonist and enable players to explore the Digital World with two Digimon partners for the first time in franchise history. The key to finding a way back to the real world and stopping the Digital World from total destruction at the hands of Machinedramons will lie in building strong bonds and providing effective training for each Digimon.

While the original Japanese version of the game for the PlayStation Vita had 50 sub-quests, Bandai Namco Entertainment and developer B.B. Studio are including about 120 sub-quests after feedback from players.

The Brazil Advisory Rating Board previously listed an entry for the game on Tuesday.

The game shipped on March 17 in Japan for the PS Vita.

In the game, players choose between a male or female protagonist. The game's protagonist is a senior high school student who has loved Digimon since he/she was young. In fifth grade, he/she was the runner up of a Japanese Digimon game tournament.

The Japanese version featured two downloadable scenarios. In the first scenario, players meet Meicoomon, the cat-like Digimon that first appeared in the Digimon Adventure tri. anime. The second scenario focuses on Rina Shinomiya, a character who first appeared in the Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode Nintendo 3DS game.

Update: Trailer added.

Update 2: Bandai Namco updated its press release so it no longer states that the game is "exclusively in digital form.” Instead, "Digimon World: Next Order is coming to the Americas for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system in the Americas in early 2017 through the digital PlayStation Store and at retail stores.”

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