CyberConnect2 Video Reveals 2019 Simultaneous Release for 'Trilogy of Vengeance' Games

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Fuga, Tokyo Ogre Gate, Cecile games all feature vengeance themes

CyberConnect2 began streaming a project information video for its "Trilogy of Vengeance" games on Thursday. The video reveals that CyberConnect2 is planning to release the games worldwide simultaneously in 2019 (the video does not specify if this means all three games are releasing worldwide simultaneously, or if CyberConnect2 will release each individual game with separate release dates but with a simultaneous worldwide release for each one). The games will launch for Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The three games are titled Fuga (Senjō no Fugue), Tokyo Ogre Gate (Tokyo Hyakkimon), and Cecile. The games are part of the company's "C5" (CyberConnect Creative Challenge Competition) project, and all three feature vengeance as one of their themes.

Fuga is a 20th-anniversary title for the Little Tail Bronx series. Besides vengeance, the game's themes are war and kemono. The action strategy role-playing game centers on 11 children who are the only survivors from an attack on their village. They set out in the giant tank Taranis, a mysterious weapon from an ancient civilization. The children aim to rescue their families from the Berman Empire, an evil fascist regime with advanced weapons technology.

Tokyo Ogre Gate features "high-speed parkour-style slashing action." Besides vengeance, the game's themes are schoolgirl and steampunk. The game's story centers on the heroine Towako Mutsu and her nemesis Genshu Kubizuka. Towako loses her friends and receives a deadly wound in the Kubizuka incident. She survives after receiving a heart created with mysterious technology known as Ogre Engine. Towako vows revenge against Kubizuka, a man who betrayed Japan and the world. He summons Ogre Gates that link this world to hell. Kubizuka hopes to attain Hakumen Konmo, a dark power surpassing that of nuclear weaponry.

Cecile features "2.5D side-scrolling ultra-fun witch action." Besides vengeance, the game's themes are gothic lolitas and witches. The story centers on four sisters whose mother calls them to an old castle on the night of a full moon. The sisters' mother steals what is most precious to the girls and turns them into witches. Cecile, the youngest sister, vows revenge against her mother after losing her singing voice and becoming mute. Her sister Carla loses her voluptuous body and is cursed to live as a child who never ages. Rezalia once loved to dance, but she loses her legs. Aristel becomes a sinner after losing her husband who was king. Cecille transforms her umbrella into various shapes in her quest for vengeance.

CyberConnect2 plans to develop and publish more original properties over the next 10 years. The company is also planning projects for its "A5" original anime project. The project's title stands for "Astonishing, Ambitious, Advanced, Amazing, Animation."

Source: CyberConnect2's YouTube channel

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