FUNimation® Entertainment Divulges Cast of Darker Than Black at New York Anime Festival 2008

Declassified Production Records Reveal Covert Casting of Popular Japanese Animated Series

New York, NY, September 26, 2008 – As New York Anime Festival kicks off today, top ranking officials at the secretive U.S. anime house FUNimation Entertainment now admit that a cast is in place and production is in full force on the mysterious action series Darker Than Black.

Communications chief Jackie Smith says she welcomes an investigation into who revealed the identities of the talent operatives.

“We will find our leak,” she said. “Our staff has extensive experience in counterespionage and handling matters involving corporate security."
Produced by studio Bones, the animation studio behind Fullmetal Alchemist, Darker Than Black is a enigmatic story about a new and deadly breed of covert agent now walking the streets. Known as “contractors”, these spies and assassins wield supernatural powers to carry out the dirty work of others.
The cast, directed by Zach Bolton, features voice actors from the best of FUNimation Entertainment series including Beck, xxxHOLiC and School Rumble.

Already known by anime aficionados, veteran actors Justin Leibrecht and Brina Palencia and Bolton will be introduced to fans in their respective roles as part of this clandestine cast at the premier of the first three episodes of the series on Saturday, September 27th at the New York Anime Festival.

Jason Leibrecht gives voice to Hei – He is known by many names; BK201, Black Reaper, Li, Hei. A feared Contractor with the power to manipulate electricity, he works closely with his team under the control of a mysterious syndicate. A master of combat and infiltration, he dons a mask and overcoat when the duty of dirty work calls. Though most Contractors are emotionless, BK201occasionally shows glimpses of humanity. However, make no mistake - where the Black Reaper goes, trouble follows.

Brina Palencia brings life to Yin – A member of Hei's team, Yin is a medium known as a Doll. She assists missions with her ability to use water in a valuable way; she can transport her senses of vision and hearing from puddle to pool to faucet to lake, with mere physical contact. Stoic and somber, the little girl's past is rife with pain.

Leibrecht, Palencia and Bolton will also be signing autographs at the FUNimation booth. Please visit the booth (#504) for the session schedule.

Other cast members include:

Kent Williams plays the role of Mao
John Swasey is Huang
Kate Oxley is the voice behind Misaki Kirihara of the Public Security Division
Christopher Sabat is Yasuke Saito
Todd Haberkorn is Yutaka Kono
Troy Baker is M16agent November 11
Nazia Chaudry is April
Cherami Leigh is July
Laura Bailey is Amber
and Chuck Huber is Nishijima

FUNimation Entertainment is set to release the first volume of Darker Than Black on DVD on November 25, 2008.

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