Lone Wolf and Cub Author Kazuo Koike Brings Back Series

Tokyo, February 25 2016 | SoraSeed, Inc. (CEO: Yasuko Okano) will be undertaking a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter to produce the motion comic version of Lone Wolf and Cub by Kazuo Koike under copyright permission by the author.

First published in Japan from 1970 to 1976, then translated and published under the title, Lone Wolf and Cub, in the U.S. by Comics First in 1987 and Dark Horse from 2000 to 2002, this motion comic version of the award winning work will transform the classic story using the latest in motion and effect technology for a new generation.

What are Motion Comics?
“Motion comics” use digital processing techniques to enrich the atmosphere and realism of the original graphic work by adding movement to the drawings inked by the hand of the artists themselves.
As digital content, it offers a greater accessibility to foreign graphic formats like Japanese manga.

A Shift in the Medium
Until now, motion comics strived to turn the comic into a single animation. With this project, the motion comic will become a unique medium unto itself, embracing emotion and theatrical performance from the perspective of game creator.

Kazuo Koike: “The motion comic allows for movement and sound in a manga. This helps translate to the reader the world they are entering by offering a more present and immersive experience. It is neither animation nor film, but a whole different experience.
I am very happy say that this motion comic will bring a fresh and unique perspective to Lone Wolf and Cub. It is my sincerest wish that I be able to share this new creation with everyone.”

Project Director
The project will be headed by Hifumi Kono, president of Nude Maker Co. Ltd., and creator of the horror game franchise, Clock Tower. His work as a director, script writer and game planner spans many titles, including Clock Tower, Clock Tower 2, Steel Battalion, Steel Battalion: Line of Contact, and Infinite Space.

Hifumi Kono: “This project will bring together the technical know-how of digital motion and effects from the game industry, and the storyboard production and camera expertise from the anime industry to breathe new life into this mortal ballet of sword masters and ninja warriors.”

SoraSeed, Inc.
“Working with creators to put their characters on the global stage.”

With media content so accessible now on a phone or tablet, we believe it is constantly necessary to search for new and innovative ways to introduce and relate the world of the artist to audiences. It is our mission to give the characters of those worlds a global stage to give their best performance.

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