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The Battle Cats Celebrates 90 Million Downloads Worldwide

Weirdly cute tower defense game The Battle Cats has reached 90 million downloads worldwide! Players are invited to celebrate this milestone with a mountain of special in-app events between May 20th (11:00am) and June 10th, 2024 (10:59am).

Between May 20th (11:00am) and May 27th (10:59am), the 90 Million DL Special Capsule set will be available for a limited time only. Players can claim a chance to collect powerful Uber Rare and Legend Rare heroes from seasonal sets including D'artanyan. Draws during this event also offer an increased drop rate for Uber Rare and Legend Rare Cats, giving players a great chance to power up their Cat Army!

This 90 million download breakthrough celebration campaign also includes limited-time special maps such as:
● “90M Celebration Gifts Galore!”, with a victory bonus of 20 Cat Food for the first stage clear each day!
● “Monthly Event All-Stars Grateful Gathering”, with total clear rewards of up to 30,000,000 XP!
● “XP Festival Events!” to upgrade Cat heroes!
● “Builder's Blitz” events to collect materials used to develop new features for the Cat Base!
● A new Arena of Power stage with excellent rewards available for those that rank highly
● Catfruit Festival featuring Catfruit stages that cycle out one per day with Saturdays and Sundays featuring all 5 Catfruits
● Boost the power of the Cat Army during the “Treasure Festival”!

Plus, players will collect a login stamp on each day's first login, along with bigger and better gifts. Collecting all items will earn up to 4 Rare Tickets and 5 Normal Tickets used to collect new Cat Heroes!

All these events and more will be available only during this 90 Million Downloads Celebration campaign in The Battle Cats!

Based in Kyoto, Japan, PONOS Corporation has been producing games since 1990, committed to exceeding the expectations of players of all ages with creative, quirky concepts built upon solid gameplay foundations. PONOS is now focused on mobile app development and publishing, with flagship title The Battle Cats having earned over 90 million downloads worldwide.

Genre: Strategy/Tower Defense
OS Requirements: iOS 12.0, Android OS 5.0

Homepage: https://battlecats.club/en/series/battlecats/

Download for iOS & Android: https://app.adjust.com/8o08kyk

Copyright ©PONOS Corp.

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