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Episode 8

by MrAJCosplay/Cartoon Cipher,

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There was way more going on in this episode than I originally expected but that definitely works in the show's favor and mixes up the monster of the week format in the ways that I was hoping it would. This time Digimon Ghost Game is tapping into The Fast and the Furious with a Digimon focused on being the fastest and the strongest (if only she knew that the real secret was family). This is probably the first episode where it felt like the trio was kind of at a loss. Not only were they forced to juggle multiple things at once, but this genuinely felt like the first time that they were confronting forces that they had no way of defeating. The bad of the episode wasn't defeated by them and there was no message to walk away from. It makes me wonder if they'll learn from this encounter because while the final note of the episode was meant to be a joke, it doesn't change the fact that all of them were in trouble had it not been for that more surprising ending. And that ending definitely caught me off guard. I'm curious who that mysterious Digimon was at the end who opened the gate and the implication in how it ties into this sort of in-between world like the gang is using to avoid any collateral damage. The animation here's a bit more messy compared to previous episodes but that's also probably due to the fact that there was so much dynamic movement going on. This is hardly a criticism though as I would much rather watch something like this compared to last episode that mostly relied on stills

That being said, I am going to cry foul on a few things like how there's no way that go-karts meant for kids to drive would ever go as fast as the show is implying these go. When you have a villain that's literally chanting about how she wants to be the fastest and the strongest only for her to be riding go carts down the freeway, I find myself laughing more than anything and I don't think that was the intention. Secondly, I'm not really sure how I feel about Jellymon's pension for getting involved in dangerous situations because this is the second time since her introduction that she has either instigated or contributed. She knows that these rogue Digimon are causing collateral damage and potentially getting people hurt or worse right? I'm all for having a troll for comedic relief but I really hope the show isn't overlooking some of the dangerous antics she's contributing to. I mean the episode literally starts with someone getting into a car crash because of all of this and while Jellymon isn't directly connected to that incident, it's still a little vague on how much she knows is going on. The show doesn't really present any on screen deaths or anything and I think it's operating under the assumption that no one's really dying unless we see it on the screen but still I hope the show is a bit more careful in how her character is utilized moving forward.


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