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Anime Spotlight - Dagashi Kashi 2

by ANN Staff,

Premiere Date: January 11, 2018 (JST)

Streaming available at: Crunchyroll

Key Staff

Director: Satoshi Kuwabara
("Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal)
Series Composition: Mayumi Morita
("Black Jack: Capital Transfer To Heian" (movie) as Screenplay)
Script: Michiko Yokote
("Handa-kun" (TV), "Gintama" (TV), "Bleach"(TV), "Genshiken" (TV) as Series Composition)
Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama
(My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)
Sound Production: PONY CANYON
(Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers)
Animation production: Tezuka Productions Company
(Young Black Jack)


The second season of Dagashi Kashi.

The story follows Kokonotsu, a boy who does not want to inherit his family's rural candy store as his father wishes. A girl named Hotaru, who's crazy about small-time candy stores, appears at the store and repeatedly visits in order to convince him to take it over.

Character Names & Descriptions & Seiyuu

Hotaru Shidare

Voice: Ayana Taketatsu

The daughter of the president of a large confectionery company. She came from the city to headhunt Yo Shikada to her family's company. Her dream is to make the world's best confectionery company with her own hands. Her knowledge about Japanese snacks is a force to be reckoned with.

Kokonotsu Shikada

Voice: Atsushi Abe

A first-year in high school living in the country. His father wants him to succeed the Japanese snack shop run by their family, but he doesn't want to do so. His dream is to become a manga artist.

Saya Endo

Voice: Manami Numakura

Kokonotsu's friend and To's little twin sister. The poster girl for Café Endo. Due to a series of events, she ends up being called "Saya-shi" by Hotaru. She likes Kokonotsu.

To Endo

Voice: Tatsuo Suzuki

Kokonotsu's silly friend, and Saya's big twin brother. His family runs Café Endo. He's at an age when he wants to be popular with girls.

Yo Shikada

Voice: Keiji Fujiwara

Kokonotsu's father and the head of the Shikada Japanese snack shop. He is scheming to somehow have his talented son Kokonotsu to become the successor of the family business.

Hajime Owari

Voice: Chinatsu Akasaki

A 20-year-old woman who ended up working at the Shikada Japanese sweets shop due to various circumstances.

Yutaka Beni

Voice: Tomokazu Sugita

The manager of the convenience store that opened across the way from the Shikada Japanese snacks shop.


Hotaru Shidare
Ayana Taketatsu
Kokonotsu Shikada
Atsushi Abe
Saya Endo
Manami Numakura
To Endo
Tatsuhisa Suzuki
Yo Shikada
Keiji Fujiwara
Hajime Owari
Chinatsu Akasaki
Yutaka Beni
Tomokazu Sugita


Original Story
Kotoyama "Dagashi Kashi" serialized by "Weekly Shonen Sunday" Shogakukan
Satoshi Kuwabara
Series Composition
Mayumi Morita
Michiko Yokote
Character Design
Nana Miura
Chief Animation Director
Akemi Kobayashi
Art Setting
Mariko Iwashiro, Minoru Nishida
Art Director
Masato Shibata
Color design
Yumi Aburatani
Director of Photography
Junya Kodama
Tamami Watabe
Sound Director
Satoshi Motoyama
Sound Production
Tomotaka Osumi, Nobuaki Nobusawa
Music Production
Pony Canyon
Animation Production
Tezuka Productions
Setting Cooperation
Theme Songs
OP: Ayana Taketatsu "Oh My Sugar Feeling!"
ED: Hachimitsu Rocket "Okashina watashito hachimitsu no kimi"

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