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NEWS: Sony Ends Shipments of PlayStation 3 Console in Japan

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Kadmos1 wrote:
Original PS debuted in USA in 1995 then the PS2 in 2000 followed by PS3 in 2006 then the PS4 came out in 2013. By this trend, it would be 2021 if we get a PS5.

One of the big problems with the PS4 is that the last three times, there was a horse to pull the cart: Each new Playstation console was "caused" by a new evolution in Sony's home-theater format.
Playstation 1 moved cartridges to disk, but PS2 put the disks on DVD, and let gamers play those strange new DVD movie disks on the console. (Remember when nobody else even knew what those things were, apart from those who were watching them on their computer desktops?)
PS3 came along right just as the FCC was moving all US television to digital hi-def HDTV in '08, and Sony used the new hi-def console's disk compatibility to sell Blu-ray almost literally singlehandedly. (Sony's own bugged-up mass-market standalone player was doing more damage to public acceptance than good, and X-Box HDDVD fans laughed uproariously.)

The only reason for making PS4 in a first place was to grasp the "new graphics frontier" of 4KTV, but--because Sony Games and Sony Home Entertainment are having a feud, over not wanting game consoles to "sabotage" those valuable CES standalone-player sales--PS4 came out without 4K UHD disk compatibility (and only added Blu-ray and Blu3D on later firmware updates), and just gave PS3-bashing gamers what they wanted: Better games with better graphics, and not pretend to be a nasty old media player. Whoopee. Confused
For a PS5 to even have a reason to exist--apart from "Okay, now we have 4K UHD", which next year's "PS4 Neo" or such will probably have--there would have to be a new evolution of TV. I'm sure some stubborn cheapskate who's still grudging over having to go digital nine years ago is about to grumble, "Oh sure, Sony will probably give us 8K 200" sets, like they tried to with 3D!", but realistically, there's no new horse immediately on the horizon to pull the cart.
Let's just enjoy our PS4, while 4K UHD sorts out its own poor, confused troubles.
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