Tears to Tiara II Promo Introduces PS3 Game's Characters

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Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Rie Kugimiya lead voice cast for AQUAPLUS's October strategy-RPG

Famitsu began streaming the first promotional video for AQUAPLUS (Utawarerumono, ToHeart2)'s Tears to Tiara II video game for the PlayStation 3 system on Thursday. The video introduces the game's various characters and strategy-RPG system:

The official website for the game also updated with character profiles:

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Sword Art Online, The [email protected]) plays Hamilcar (Hamil for short), the last survivor of the Hispania royal family.

Rie Kugimiya (The Familiar of Zero, The [email protected]) plays Tart, a girl who says that she is a goddess once revered by all of Hispania.

Yui Ogura (HENNEKO, .hack//Quantum) plays Charis, a priestess who serves Tart along with Hamil.

Junji Majima (Toradora!, Disgaea) plays Diongenes (Dion for short), Hamil's best friend.

Daisuke Ono plays Enneads, the headmaster of the village's academy who is a former soldier and also works as a teacher.

Hiroshi Shirokuma (Thermae Romae, Dinosaur King) plays Monomachus, the martial arts teacher in the village who was a great warrior for Hispania in his younger days.

Sayuri Yahagi (Shugo Chara!, Bakuman.) plays Kleito, a girl who is part of the dragon tribe and looks far younger than she actually is.

Chiwa Saito (Blood Lad, Rosario + Vampire Capu2) plays Izebel, a general of the empire and a former friend of Hamil's father.

Masakazu Nishida (Log Horizon, Accel World) plays Laelius, a knight in Izebel's brigade. As he has sworn absolute loyalty to the empire, he cannot forgive Hispania's rebellion.

Rina Satou (A Certain Magical Index, Brothers Conflict) plays Elissa, the daughter of aristocrats of the empire. As she was raised as a high-class lady, she is prideful, but also has a selfish side.

Marie Miyake (Penguindrum, Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future) plays Daphnis, the maid of Elissa who was bought by her family when she was young.

Yuu Asakawa (Fate/stay night, Azumanga Daioh) plays Aemilia, a woman who used to be the central bureaucrat of the holy empire.

AQUAPLUS will release the game for PlayStation 3 on October 24. The game will come in a 6,980-yen (about US$70) regular edition and a limited first edition. The limited edition will include a production art book, mini soundtrack CD, and download codes for in-game items. Utawarerumono's character Arurū will be available as an ally in Tears to Tiara II via a product code included in the first copies of the game.

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