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Twitter Japan Crowns Hypnosis Mic Most Popular Voice Actor Account

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The most popular voice actor account on Twitter Japan represents a group of fictional rappers. Of course, those 12 characters are voiced by real people, and there's no doubt that the rap battle project "Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle-" is exploding in popularity with multiple manga tie-ins, a planned mobile game, and successful live events.

The official Twitter account for the Hypnosis Mic project doesn't necessarily have the most followers for its category, but it is the most engaged voice actor account by Japanese Twitter users.

The Top 10 Voice Actor Accounts on Japan Twitter

  1. Hypnosis Mic (@hypnosismic)
  2. Shōta Aoi (@shouta0811aoi)
  3. Junichi Suwabe (@MY_MURMUR)
  4. Aika Kobayashi (@Aikyan_)
  5. Natsuki Hanae (@hanae0626)
  6. Takuya Eguchi (@egutakuya)
  7. Kanako Takatsuki (@Kanako_tktk)
  8. Daiki Yamashita (@DaiKing_boy)
  9. Nobunaga Shimazaki (@nobunaga_s)
  10. Wataru Hatano (@hatano_official)

The Television category didn't include any anime series accounts but Mr. Osomatsu did show up in the popular hashtags. The Game category was dominated by popular mobile idol games targeting both male and female players. Of course, Fate/Grand Order is there, too.

The Top 10 Game Accounts on Japan Twitter

  1. The [email protected] Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage
  2. Fate/Grand Order
  3. A3!
  4. Love Live! School Idol Festival
  5. BanG Dream! Girls Band Party
  6. Ensemble Stars!
  7. Idolish 7
  8. Azur Lane
  9. Comic Natalie (news site)
  10. Monster Hunter World

When it comes to gaming hashtags, the top 10 reflected smaller selection of the games above. Players used both #fgo and #fatego, #monsu, #bandori, #garupa, and #azurlane. #nintendoswitch, #splatoon2, #torekuru (One Piece Treasure Cruise), and #poputepi also ranked in the gaming category.

Twitter Japan also revealed the most popular artist accounts.

The Top 10 Artist Accounts on Japan Twitter

  1. @tomoyanadayo
  2. @purinharumaki
  3. Azuki Yashiro (@yashi09)
  4. Shiromanta (@Mashiron1020)
  5. Twitter 4-koma (@twi_yon)
  6. @Tanimikitakane
  7. Rurutea (@k_r_r_l_l_)
  8. Sōichirō Yamamoto (@udon0531)
  9. Mirai Cha (@macharge)
  10. @poppoakiya

Source: Twitter Japan via Nijimen

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