FUNimation Entertainment Announces Cast of Sacred Blacksmith

Today FUNimation Entertainment is launching the first two English dubbed episodes on as well as You Tube. In honor of the event, FUNimation has also announced the full cast of the English dub of the action anime series Sacred Blacksmith:

Character Actor
Cecily Cambell Cherami Leigh
Luke Ainsworth Blake Shepard
LiSA Monica Rial
Aria Anastasia Munoz
Charlotte E. Firobisher Alexis Tipton
Doris Maxey Whitehead
Margot Trina Nishimura
Penelope Jamie Marchi
Evadne Clarine Harp
Siegfried J Michael Tatum
Hannibal Quasar Mark Stoddard
Hugo Housman Christopher Bevins
Reginald Drummond Chris Cason
Areviy Irving Barry Yandell
Augustus Arthur Kenny Green
Justina Albright Cynthia Cranz
Lancelot Douglas Grant James
Fio Atkins Leah Clark
Lucy Cambell Lydia Mackay
Patty Baldwin Kara Edwards
Francesca Colleen Clinkenbeard
Jack Strader R Bruce Elliott
Elsa Brina Palencia
Elsa's Father Cole Brown

About The Sacred Blacksmith

The knight Cecily wants to defend the weak, but her lack of skill makes her an unlikely heroine – until the blacksmith Luke comes to her aid, using magic to forge blades of supernatural strength. Cecily wields this sacred steel and charges forth to face a new threat; a cloaked fiend is unleashing demons upon the land, and though he lurks in shadows, the villain is closer than Cecily knows.

FUNimation Entertainment will release the entire series on DVD in one set in January 25, 2011.

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