Nekocon announces NEW Voice Actors Guests John Swasey & Cherami Leigh

John Swasey & Cherami Leigh are coming to Nekocon for the first time bringing with them all kinds of Gunzerking & Mechromancing chaos and fun!!

John Swasey is a veteran TV, film, and voice actor in the anime industry, and recently broke into video games with the block buster Video Game of the Year (Awarded by G4), Borderlands 2, which received several other awards, and was nominated for Game of the Year at Spikes Video Game Awards. He is responsible for voicing one of the four main player characters of the game, the unstoppable gun toting Force of Nature known as Salvador the Gunzerker!

According to Anime News Network, John Swasey is the most prolific male voice actor in North America with more roles and titles under his belt than any other male voice actor. John started down the road of anime in 1997, when he landed his first role in Golden Boy from ADV Films. Since then, John has gone on to voice hundreds shows and characters with ADV Films, Funimation, Sentai Films, Gearbox, and Illumitoons just to name a few. For a full list of his works check out his official bio on the Nekocon website!

John will be hosting several panels, autographs, and generally causing trouble so make sure to be a part of it.

Cherami Leigh is an on camera and voice actors who's impressive resume also includes the block buster Video Game of the Year (Awarded by G4), Borderlands 2! She lent her impressive talent to one of the most popular DLC main player characters Gaige, the rebellious high school Mechromancer, who commands the deadly DeathTrap!

Cherami began her work in the “Anime World” voicing Sae in “Peach Girl”, and has since played Aisa, Pepper, and Miss Golden Week in “One Piece,” Yaz in “Shin Chan,” Primula in “Shuffle,” Setsuna and Akira in “Negima,” Naomi in “Witchblade,” Himawari in “xxxHolic,” Makoto in “Sasami: Magical Girls Club,” Mai in “Ghost Hunt,” Ayano in “Stigma,” Road in “D. Grayman,” Shijima in “Nabari,” Shinooka in “Big Windup,” Honoka in “Kenichi,” Kirimi in “Ouran Host Club,” and recently released “Bamboo Blade” as Tamaki, “Sergeant Frog” as Natsumi, and “Soul Eater” as Patty. She has voiced many video games including Lux Pain as Nami. Check out her full bio on the Nekocon website for all the details!

Cherami will be joining John & Chris Rager for panels, autographs and all kinds of fun so make sure to pre-register for the convention!

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Nekocon 16, 2013 Hampton, VA

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