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Turnabout's Fair Play With Namaiki Dark Elf Sisters From MangaGamer

From Waffle, the creators of Funbag Fantasy, and the artist, Ajishio, comes a sexy tale full of dark elves - Namaiki Dark Elf Sisters ~Cocky Chicks Craving Creampies~!

The half-human, half-elf Ober grew up discriminated against by his own family due to his mixed heritage, but one day, a prophecy flips his whole life upside down. With divine word promising that his offspring would bring a millenium-long golden age to the dark elven people, Ober is declared the future head of his family, and the sisters that once mistreated him are ordered by the family to serve him and bear his children. It's time to enjoy the release of some pent-up frustrations and plant the seeds for a bright future in this sexy romp stuffed full of exciting content!

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Namaiki Dark Elf Sisters ~Cocky Chicks Craving Creampies~
The Pubs were a famous dark elven family, and the head of this family had a son, Ober, and three daughters as well. Although Ober dearly loved his sisters, because he was a half-human, his sisters abhorred him and treated him like little more than a servant.

But one day, the dark elves received a divine revelation:

"The offspring of Ober Pubs and his beloved woman shall lead the dark elves to a golden age spanning thousands of years."

Therefore, Ober was proclaimed the future head of the family, and his sisters were ordered to bear his children. The one who conceived his child first would become the ruler of the family alongside Ober, while the others would be forced to become their servants.

Thus began the struggle of the sisters to get Ober to impregnate them (quickly, if possible). However, Ober did not want to waste such a golden opportunity, and therefore used this chance to make his sisters do whatever he wanted...

Namaiki Dark Elf Sisters ~Cocky Chicks Craving Creampies~
Developer: Waffle
Genre: Adventure
Price: $44.95
OS: Windows 7, 8,10
Text Language: English
Age Rating: 18+

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