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Anime Spotlight - All Out!!

by Chih-Chieh Chang,
On air starting October 6, 2016

Key Staff

Chief Director: Kenichi Shimizu
(Parasyte -the maxim- (TV))
Story Editor/Script by: Masahiro Yokotani
(Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club (TV))
Script by: Shingo Irie
(Kuroko's Basketball (TV))
Character Designs by: Masanori Shino
(Black Lagoon (TV))
Music Composer: Yasuharu Takanashi (Team-MAX)
(Naruto Shippuden (TV))


Rugby has no ace striker nor a batter going up fourth. Here, anyone can become the main character--

Based on a realistic high school rugby manga currently running in Monthly Morning Two, the very first TV anime about rugby is now born!
Autumn 2016 - the most passionate adolescence is right here.

For production of an unprecedented sports anime, skilled staff have gathered! The chief director is Kenichi Shimizu, who excels both domestically and overseas with titles such as "Parasyte -the maxim-" and "Avengers Confidential: Black Widow and Punisher". Shimizu himself played in the rugby team back in high school like the characters of "ALL OUT!!" and will use that experience to put life into the world's first "combat ball" anime with a passionate heart only those who experienced the sport can bring.
Story edition and script will be by Masahiro Yokotani, renowned for his deep depictions of characters such as the fresh daily lives of high school boys in "Free!". Shingo Irie, with his experience on "Kuroko's Basketball" and various live-action dramas, will join in co-writing the script. One of the most prolific designers in Japan when it comes to physical beauty, Masanori Shino of "BLACK LAGOON" fame, will be the character designer.

Furthermore, the animation will be produced by TMS Entertainment known for "Yowamushi Pedal", MADHOUSE known for "Ace of Diamonds", and Telecom Animation Film known for their "Lupin the 3rd" series. These three studios which wield much history and experience will scrum together in order to draw out this sport of rugby and challenge themselves for the production of this title.


Kanagawa High School, on the day of the entrance ceremony..
The story takes off when Gion, a novice who has a small frame but has an unparalleled unyielding spirit, joins the rugby club.

Iwashimizu, a classmate who can't devote himself to rugby due to a certain incident in the past, Hachioji the vice captain that is good at looking after others and cares about the team, and Sekizan the captain with overwhelming force who harbors a fighting spirit more passionate than anyone else...

The members are all different in physique and character, but they all mature as they collide against each other on the grounds of adolescence. They are aiming for the best stage which lies beyond the point where everyone gives it all they've got...!


Kanagawa High School Rugby Football Club
Kenji Gion (CV: Shoya Chiba)

1st year. Rugby novice. Has a predestined run-in with rugby and Iwashimizu the day of his entrance ceremony at Kanagawa High School. Loves to tackle. Small-framed but his fighting spirit is parallel to none.

Sumiaki Iwashimizu (CV: Yuto Adachi)

1st year. Position: Lock. Has rugby experience and is tall, but is normally very apprehensive. Gion saves him from upperclassmen that were giving him trouble on the day of the entrance ceremony.

Takuya Sekizan (CV: Yoshimasa Hosoya)

3rd year. Position: Number 8. Captain. Reticent but has a passionate fighting spirit in his heart. Leads the team with his back. Very stern about manners, but has an unexpected side too.

Mutsumi Hachioji (CV: Ryota Osaka)

3rd year. Position: Hooker. Vice captain. Smiling and good at looking after others, he acts as the buffering agent for the rugby team. Invites Gion to join the rugby team. Attended the same middle school as Iwashimizu.

Etsugo Oharano (CV: Kensho Ono)

1st year. Position: Fly-Half. Played rugby since grade school. Skilled player but has an attitude. Always cynical. Has a younger brother who also has played rugby.

Masaru Ebumi (CV: Taishi Murata)

2nd year. Position: Wing. Fastest one on the team. Delinquent, quick to fight, and often clashes with teammates. Hides his efforts but actually trains by himself and such.

Raita Kamo (CV: Masayuki Shoji)

3rd year. Position: Scrum-half. Loves to pull pranks. Always doing something to Kashima, who attended the same middle school. As they are both small-framed, he is good friends with Gion.

Toshinosuke Matsuo (CV: Fuminori Komatsu)

3rd year. Position: Fly-Half. Loves to take care of others, and is the older brotherly figure everyone looks up to. Sometimes Sekizan the captain comes seeking advice. His family runs a plant nursery.

Eiichi Hirota (CV: Shunichi Maki)

3rd year. Position: Prop. 174cm high and 115kg heavy, he is the biggest player on the team, and is always eating something. He looks very soft, but has a very abrasive personality.

Yutaka Shinshi (CV: Takashi Uezumiya)

3rd year. Position: Prop. The type that forgets about worries by running. Same class as Sekizan and sits behind him, and often pokes at him.

Taichi Ohie (CV: Tomohito Takatsuka)

3rd year. Position: Prop. A calm, easygoing guy but is actually good at controlling his underclassmen without causing a scene. Actually very intelligent.

Koichiro Kashima (CV: Hiromichi Tezuka)

3rd year. Position: Lock. Kamo, who attended the same middle school, has kept pulling pranks on him for the past 6 years, but he thinks nothing of it. Normally silent, but has a passionate heart.

Hirokuni Kasuga (CV: Daiki Hamano)

3rd year. Position: Flanker. Doesn't speak and acts tough. Has a scary face but is good at taking care of others, and is the big brotherly figure. Loves to tackle, so is especially looking out for Gion.

Shinnosuke Hyosu (CV: Kazuki Nakao)

3rd year. Position: Flanker. Good friends with Kamo, and often plots evil together. His reactions are excessive. The type that can't say no when asked, and is good at taking care of underclassmen.

Natsuki Ise (CV: Chiharu Sawashiro)

2nd year. Position: Centre. Often hangs out with Ebumi. Attached to Hachioji who invited him to the rugby team. Lives alone with his big brother who is quite older.

Takeo Atsuta (CV: Fukushi Ochiai)

2nd year. Position: Prop. Has a large body but a weak will. Sometimes even speaks politely to the 1st years. Absolutely looks up to Hirota, the biggest man on team that plays in the same position as he does.

Michio Sumiyoshi (CV: Kodai Sakai)

2nd year. Position: Scrum-half. He somewhat finds it fun so he continues to play rugby. Lacks seriousness, but is adept and can do everything.

Taihei Noka (CV: Toshinari Fukamachi)

2nd year. Position: Wing. Continues to play rugby out of habit as he has no reason to quit. Famous for having terrible fashion sense despite having a pretty handsome face.

Tomomichi Takebe (CV: Wataru Takahashi)

2nd year. Position: Centre. Calm but does make rebuttals. Good friends with Marodo. Always has bed hair.

Kosuke Marodo (CV: Keisuke Komoto)

2nd year. Position: Wing. Optimist that tends to be swayed easily by those around him. Often hangs out with Takebe.

Yusaku Suwa (CV: Daichi Kanbara)

2nd year. Position: Wing. Looks docile but has a foul mouth. One for effort that trains steadily, but he seems to be jealous of Oharano who can adeptly do anything?

Shota Kibi (CV: Katsunori Okai)

2nd year. Position: Fullback. Seems mischievous, but is actually pretty straight-headed and loves to take care of others.

Isao Kifune (CV: Takuma Nagatsuka)

2nd year. Position: Fullback. Tries hard, and is credited to have a consistent playstyle. Weak-willed and reserved, giving Iwashimizu a one-sided sense of comradery.

Sueyoshi Mikami (CV: Yuki Hashimoto)

1st year. Never played rugby before so position TBD. Dragged in by the Forwards and ends up joining the team. Classmates with Gion, and they often have fights.

Susumu Kitamachi (CV: Yusuke Ohta)

1st year. Never played rugby before so position TBD. Loves to challenge new things. Looks up to Sekizan the captain, and is doing his best to build up his body.

Yoshiki Hirano (CV: Daiki Kobayashi)

1st year. Never played rugby before so position TBD. Curious and always pressing forward. Decides to join the rugby team because his classmate Kitamachi seems to be having a lot of fun.

Yuto Keta (CV: Koutaro Nishiyama)

1st year. Never played rugby before so position TBD. Hasn't been doing much physical activity before, but joins the team enticed by the team's atmosphere. Always spaced out and doesn't have much stamina, but tries his best.

Umeno Hoakari (CV: Haruka Yoshimura)

2nd year at Kanaawa High, and manager of the rugby team. Bright and frank, the token female of the KamiKou rugby team gets the job done. Loudly encourages the novice Gion, and gives overviews of all the rules.

Shingo Komori (CV: Takaya Hashi)

Coach of the Kanagawa High School rugby team. Used to be on the Japanese national team. Started a blog after retiring in hopes of becoming a coach, which caught Gion's eye. Stern instructor but shows much love, and leads the small, weak team that KamiKou starts out as.


Kenji Gion
Shoya Chiba
Sumiaki Iwashimizu
Yuto Adachi
Takuya Sekizan
Yoshimasa Hosoya
Mutsumi Hachioji
Ryota Osaka
Etsugo Oharano
Kensho Ono
Masaru Ebumi
Taishi Murata
Raita Kamo
Masayuki Shoji
Toshinosuke Matsuo
Fuminori Komatsu
Eiichi Hirota
Shunichi Maki
Yutaka Shinshi
Takashi Uezumiya
Taichi Ohie
Tomohito Takatsuka
Koichiro Kashima
Hiromichi Tezuka
Hirokuni Kasuga
Daiki Hamano
Shinnosuke Hyosu
Kazuki Nakao
Natsuki Ise
Chiharu Sawashiro
Takeo Atsuta
Fukushi Ochiai
Michio Sumiyoshi
Kodai Sakai
Taihei Noka
Toshinari Fukamachi
Tomomichi Takebe
Wataru Takahashi
Kosuke Marodo
Keisuke Komoto
Yusaku Suwa
Daichi Kanbara
Shota Kibi
Katsunori Okai
Isao Kifune
Takuma Nagatsuka
Sueyoshi Mikami
Yuki Hashimoto
Susumu Kitamachi
Yusuke Ohta
Yoshiki Hirano
Daiki Kobayashi
Yuto Keta
Koutaro Nishiyama
Umeno Hoakari
Haruka Yoshimura
Shingo Komori
Takaya Hashi


Based on the manga “ALL OUT!!” by
Shiori Amase (Originally serialized in the monthly “MORNING two” published by KODANSHA Ltd.)
Chief Director
Kenichi Shimizu
Story Editor/Script by
Masahiro Yokotani
Script by
Shingo Irie
Character Designs by
Masanori Shino
Music Composer
Yasuharu Takanashi (Team-MAX)
Assistant Director
Shinichiro Ushijima
Action Animation Director
Yoshihiro Kanno
Art Director
Chikara Nishikura
Color Designs by
Nemu Nakajijma
Director of Photography
Hiroshi Inoue
3D CG Director
Yuki Nagahama
Special Effects
Team Taniguchi
Kashiko Kimura
Sound Director
Kisuke Koizumi
Sound Production
Jinnan Studio
Animation Produced by
TMS Entertainment x MADHOUSE
Planning and Production Assistance
Telecom Animation Film
Produced by
ALL OUT!! Production Committee

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