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Anime Spotlight - Matoi the Sacred Slayer

by Chih-Chieh Chang,
On air starting October 4, 2016 in Japan


I have wielded a god.

The year 2016 -- In Tenman Shrine in Kamagaya City, Matoi Sumeragi was a 2nd year middle school student working a part-time job as a shrine maiden. Separated at a very young age with her mother, she has been entrusted for a long time with her paternal grandparents, and three months ago she finally started living together with her father Shingo. Because of such conditions, Matoi had been looking up to an ordinary, calm lifestyle.

Matoi's close friend and coworker Yuma Kusanagi was the candidate for the next shrine maiden, being born into the family of the Tenman Shrine's shrinemaster. She finds out that the family has conducted "exorcism" to rid evil spirits for generations, and attempts the "ritual of divine possession", a ritual connected to "exorcism", together with Matoi.

After school, the two of them head to the shrine as usual, but there they find a devastated shrine and Yuma's parents wounded and collapsed. Furthermore, there was a man there with somewhat of an aura of insanity, who was a suspect for a mysterious case that Shingo, who is a detective, was trying to crack. Yuma suddenly conducts a "ritual of divine possession" in order to hold the thrashing man back, but it wasn't Yuma that changes happened to --

What was given a girl who was seeking an ordinary, normal life was the power to wield a god and rid evil spirits!? Matoi Sumeragi will earnestly work at exorcist activities in order to regain those calm days where nothing gets in her way!


Matoi Sumeragi – CV: Ayaka Suwa

14 years old, in 2nd year of middle school, and works part-time as a shrine maiden for Tenman Shrine. With her mother missing, she was under the care of her paternal grandparents for the longest time, but now she lives together with her father Shingo. A reliable girl for her age, being able to do all household chores in place of her mother. Dreams of a "normal" life where she is living with both parents, but she had inherited an element of a divine priestess (for possession) from her mother, causing her to be able to use Tensou (Wielding and Creating), she ends up running about working as an exorcist.

Yuma Kusanagi – CV: Naomi Ohzora

A candidate to become the next shrine maiden for the well-known Tenman Shrine. Simple and innocent, an energetic girl that acts on inspiration as soon as she thinks of it. Looks up to the "Exorcist Priestess" that has been passed down in Tenman Shrine from generation to generation, and does not stop believing that she can become one as well. The one that led Matoi to use Tensou as a result of bringing out a sacred treasure purely out of curiosity.

Clarus Tonitrus – CV: Haruka Tomatsu

A member of "Fatima", a secret special organization directly under the rule of the Vatican. 15 years old. Fatima is an organization that specializes in exorcism regardless of legality, and she is one of the "anti-creed" that actually performs the exorcism under the guidance of the priest. She meets Matoi and Yuma when she is sent to Japan on a mission.

Shingo Sumeragi – CV: Hiroki Touchi

Matoi's father, and a detective working in the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Detective Division for the Metropolitan Police Department. With his wife Shiori missing, his parents decided he could not take care of both work and family simultaneously, and took care of Matoi. Starts living with his daughter again now that she is in 2nd year of middle school, but with the long years of alienation, his daughter calls him "Shingo-kun".

Haruka Luciela – CV: Ayako Kawasumi

An agent for "IATO", the International Anti-crime Treaty Organization. Acts together with Shingo's group that had been chasing after the truth behind the supernatural case involving evil spirits (knights), and comes across an exorcism girl (Matoi) and an evil spirit during the investigation, causing her to stay on site for a while. A "cool beauty" of sorts, but is rather good at taking care of others.

Cariot – CV: Nobuyuki Hiyama

A priest who is a part of "Fatima", the Vatican's special organization. Acts as supervisor for Clarus Tonitrus, the "anti-creed" that performs the exorcism. Arrives in Japan with Clarus following an evil spirit (knights)....

Hideo Tezuka – CV: Atsushi Abe

An officer working under Shingo in the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Detective Division for the Metropolitan Police Department. A serious man who is true to and dedicated to his job, but sometimes acts foolishly. Given the reason "he's a frail little dog", Shingo called him Pochi. Has a weakness for sexy women like Luciela.


Matoi Sumeragi
Ayaka Suwa
Yuma Kusanagi
Naomi Ohzora
Clarus Tonitrus
Haruka Tomatsu
Shingo Sumeragi
Hiroki Touchi
Haruka Luciela
Ayako Kawasumi
Nobuyuki Hiyama
Hideo Tezuka
Atsushi Abe


Masayuki Sakoi
Series Organization / Script
Yōsuke Kuroda
Character Designer / General Animation Director
Mai Toda
Setting Research
Seiichi Shirato
Image Board
Shigeyuki Koresawa, tom
Prop Design
Goichi Iwahata
Noritaka Suzuki
Art Director
Yoshito Takamine
Art Setting
Kaoru Aoki
Color Setting
Miyuki Satō
Special Effects
Ayumi Arahata
3D Director/Modeling
Hiroshi Soma
Director of Photography
Kazumasa Someya
Masahiro Gotō
Sound Director
Takayuki Yamaguchi
Sound Production
Tatsuya Katō
Music Production
Opening Theme
"Chou Musubi Amulet" peformed by Mia REGINA
Ending Theme
"My Only Place" performed by sphere
Animation Production
Presented by
BOWI / Matoi Project

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