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Anime Spotlight - Saga of Tanya the Evil

by ANN Staff,
On air starting January 6, 2017 in Japan

Key Staff

Director: Yutaka Uemura
(The Mystic Archives of Dantalian, Punch Line)
Series Composition: Kenta Ihara
(Ajin script-writer)


Initially released as an online novel and later published by KADOKAWA, this popular story will finally be adapted into a television anime! It is a little girl with blond hair, blue eyes, and translucent skin who stands on the frontline. She flies in the sky, shoots down enemies relentlessly, and commands the force. Her name is Tanya Degurechaff. In the midst of an aggravating war, she makes great achievements one after another by making best use of her own wit and pursing efficiency uncompromisingly, and eventually she emerges as a flight witch navigator that the empire is proud of. A genuine fantasy of military history with the smell of gunpowder smoke has just begun!


In June 1923 of the "unity calendar," Tanya Degurechaff —a youth with blond hair and blue eyes— works hard on the training at the third patrolling line in Norden battle field of the northern military district as a part of her service in a military unit, which is the final curriculum of the imperial military academy she belongs to. The training would have been the first step for her illustrious career as a flight witch navigator and she was supposed to complete it without any problem. However, the situation takes an unexpected turn. Stemming from the cross-border violation by the Entente Allies, war breaks out between the empire and Entente Allies. Due to the transition to wartime, she is assigned to an observation duty. However, a surprise attack by the Entente Allies forces Tanya to face the situation where she has to fight against the enemy witch troop by herself. They are so vastly outnumbered that she has no way of defending herself until her allies arrive. Even so, running away from there could only lead her to the hopeless circumstance where the death penalty is inevitable for her sin of deserting under enemy fire. In order to survive at any risk and appeal to the top of the organization that she has tried her best, she intends to launch an operation. What will happen to her?


Tanya Degurechaff (Voice: Aoi Yūki)

A blonde, blue-eyed young girl with transparent, pale skin who serves as an Air Force Magic Officer of the Imperial Army. To escape a life of poverty in an orphanage, she took officer training as a military volunteer, and eventually became an officer. Her suitability as a magician is extraordinary and she is an exceedingly fine officer in the military, but her biggest objective is to survive at all costs, rise up in ranks in a safe, retreated area, and obtain a stable future.

Visha / Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov (Voice: Saori Hayami)

An Air Force Magician of the Imperial Army. After graduating from primary school, she was recruited into the front line platoon that Tanya is the squad captain of. Because she was recruited to become a magician, she somewhat lacks self-awareness as a soldier, but gradually matures under Tanya.

Erich von Rerugen (Voice: Shinichiro Miki)

A staff officer at the Imperial Army's staff headquarters. Under the command of Rudersdorf in the tactical division, he assists with the planning, operation, and completion of operations. As he was placed in the tactical division from the personnel division at headquarters, he is a generalist with a wide variety of knowledge in both administration and command. He is an elite who is proceeding the course of and established career.

Kurt von Rudersdorf (Voice: Tesshō Genda)

The tactical staff deputy manager of the Imperial Army's staff headquarters. A dynamic and active military man, he is involved in a majority of the commands. Not only is he in charge of instructing operational perspective based on grand strategies, he also has the flexibility to vigorously inspect tactical maneuvers. He is former classmates and friends with Zettour, an officer in charge of military service. They work in coordination for military affairs.

Hans von Zettour (Voice: Hochu Otsuka)

The staff service deputy manager of the Imperial Army's staff headquarters. He is a rationalist proud of his vast amounts of knowledge. Unusually reticent for a military man, he is criticized as being too studious, but as a realist excelling at adjusting material flow and logistics, the officers at the staff headquarters give him their utmost respect. Originally from the tactics field, he coordinates with Rudersdorf—an officer in charge of operations—and assists in the planning and execution of military operations.


Tanya Degurechaff
Aoi Yūki
Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov
Saori Hayami
Erich von Rerugen
Shinichiro Miki
Kurt von Rudersdorf
Tesshō Genda
Hans von Zettour
Hochu Ōtsuka


Original Story
Carlo Zen (Yōjo Senki published by KADOKAWA)
Original Character Designs
Shinobu Shinotsuki
Yutaka Uemura
Character Designs/Chief Animation Director
Yuji Hosogoe
Series Composition/Screenplay
Kenta Ihara
Assistant Director
Kana Harufuji
Sub Character Design
Hiromi Taniguchi, Takao Maki, Haruhito Takada
Costume Design
Hiromi Taniguchi
Magic Tool Design
Ryōma Ebata
Prop Design
Hiroshi Moriyama
Weapon Design
Hiyori Denforward Akishino, Nao Ōtsu
Key Animators
Shou Ishibashi, Shinichi Kurita, Hiroyuki Horiuchi
Effect Director
Takashi Hashimoto
Military Consultant
Reiichirō Ōfuji
Art Director
Satoru Hirayanagi
Color Coordinator
Chiho Nakamura
Filming Director
Shinji Tondokoro
3D CGI Director
Masato Takahashi
Yumi Jinguji
Sound Director
Yoshikazu Iwanami
Shūji Katayama
Animation Production
Yōjo Senki Production Committee

Theme Songs
"Los! Los! Los!" by Tanya Degurechaff (voiced by Aoi Yūki)

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