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The List - 6 Times Evolution Went Horribly Wrong [2019-02-09]

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 1:52 pm Reply with quote
Animorphimagi wrote:
TexZero wrote:
Animorphimagi wrote:

You heard it here folks. Don't do something if it will lead to hate crimes. Damn the possible perfect organisms and society that may get developed due to improving humanity.
It's better to improve in ways that will lead to improvements without people doing hate crimes or violence of any kind...I have to wonder what kind of method that would be...

Coordinators weren't perfect. Perhaps you know watching the show and understanding the message would do you some good.

They were superior in certain elements, but those elements caused rifts in society that led to various things like xenophobia (Blue Cosmos). Also, the progress at all cost led to scrupulous scientific advancement at best. The artificial womb as an example caused many kids to die in infancy, as well as being born less than what was intended.

But you know take part of the message and ignore the rest. You know the war, hate crimes and premature deaths. Not just one all of this was a cost of the "precious" science you think was so great.

The point is that there are risks when it comes to improving mankind or technology and not taking those risks will improve nothing. Condemn the morality of scientists all you want, it's not their fault if people won't accept a possible improvement in the world.
And when it comes to the methods at achieving those improvements, no one will remember/care about some atrocity that was used to achieve greater knowledge or understanding. That's how Nazi research led to large medical, chemical, and psychological advancements beyond what was expected or achieved ever before.

Believe it or not, people will always die for scientific advancements, either due to long decades or centuries of little to no advancements, or due to extreme experimentation to achieve results quicker.

And it's clear you missed the point. Science without morals or oversight isn't science.
To put it as mildly and probably at the only level you'll understand it
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