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by Lynzee Loveridge,
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Figures: Nendoroids

Shiro & Sora (No Game, No Life)

Bring home the hikkikomori NEET dream team as cute posable figures. Shiro comes with her rainbow ombre hair adorned with a crown. Three different expressions can be switched out: standard, crying, and concerned. She can also be posed with her playing card, gaming console, and cell phone accessories. Her step-brother Sora comes with a chess piece, a playing card, a smartphone that matches with Shiro's as well as a gaming console. He has two expressions, one that includes a gentle smile and the other is his standard face. Both also come with sitting parts so there's ton of posing options. As a bonus, the Shiro Nendoroid also comes with an original short story by series creator Yuu Kamiya.

Retail Price: US$45.99 each (Seller Price: US$41.39)
Publisher: Good Smile Company
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Todomatsu Matsuno & Jyūshimatsu Matsuno (Mr. Osomatsu)

Is Totty your favorite -matsu? The youngest Matsuno brother displays his laidback style in his pink sweatshirt and casual expression. The Nendoroid comes with the alternate "Totty" expression and a blank faceplate with stickers so you can create your own. Accessories include his cell phone, cafe apron, and his knit cap. If you're more of a Jyūshimatsu type of person, he's available too. The grinning figure also comes with a flustered expression with very characteristic eyes and a blank faceplate with stickers. He also comes with a baseball and bat and extra bendable arms.

Retail Price: US$35.99 each (Seller Price: US$32.39)
Publisher: Good Smile Company
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Luluco (Space Patrol Luluco)

The reluctant space cop Luluco is here for fans of Studio Trigger's energetic short series. While it can't transform with a shout of "Awake! Judgment Gun Morphing!" it does come with a siren head piece accessory and two different shocked expressions. This Nendoroid also comes with a bevy of accessories: two different ponytails, Keiji Quarter Pounder' from when Luluco's father was chopped up, a trolley and a special large hand with the palm out to create a sense of perspective. Finally, a frozen version of Keiji is also included as a papercraft model. Put him on the trolley to recreate the scene from the first episode.

Retail Price: US$45.99 (Seller Price: US$40.93)
Publisher: Good Smile Company
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Nendoroid Co-De Sakura Kinomoto: Angel Crown & Black Cat Maid

Good Smile Company's Nendoroid Co-De line is specially designed for collectors interested in swapping outfits. These Nendoroids come in four parts and all interchangable with other Nendoroid Co-De figures. CLAMP heroine Cardcaptor Sakura is a perfect edition with her huge selection of costumes to choose from. So far the company has introduced two: her yellow angel outfit and her black cat maid outfit. Both are celebrating the series' 20th anniversary.

Retail Price: US$30.99 (each)
Publisher: Good Smile Company
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Figures: Other

One Piece Master Stars Piece Revival Collector's Set

These three non-posable figures are highly detailed and great display pieces for a desk or shelf. Each figure is between 9.5-10.2 inches. Monkey D. Luffy, Sabo, and Portgas D. Ace stand fittingly together like only sworn brothers can. If the price seems daunting at all you can break them apart (but how could you?) and buy your favorite individually.

Retail Price: US$72.00 (Seller's Price: US$48.00)
Publisher: Banpresto
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Dark Magician Girl figma (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Arguably the cutest card in Yugi's arsenal, Dark Magician Girl is available in this posable figure, ready to attack or toss a wink at her opponent. This figma comes with three different expressions, a 'Magic Formula' spell book, and an additional bent lower leg part. Dark Magician Girl has gotten an increase in attention lately thanks to the new Yu-Gi-Oh film. For those who are willing to wait past the holiday season, the character also has a 1/7-scale figure in her original colors or in a Lemon variant. There's also another 1/7-scale figure by Max Factory available now. So take your pick!

Retail Price: US$65.99 (Seller's Price: US$59.39)
Publisher: Good Smile Company
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Toy Story Combination Woody Robo Sheriff Star "Toy Story"

We previously wrote about both of these Toy Story combo figure sets. The classic toys from Pixar's popular trilogy take a whole new form as they combine into Chogokin Woody Robo Sheriff Star & Buzz the Space Ranger Robo. Both combo sets are impressive on their own but customers that buy both can create an even larger 350mm super robot. The Sheriff Star set comes with Woody, Bullseye, Slinky Dog, Hamm, and Rex. The Buzz Lightyear set comes with Buzz, Alien 1, Alien 2, a Space Shuttle, and the Big One rocket. Customers that pre-order also get limited edition picture books!

Retail Price: US$169.99 (each)
Publisher: Tamashii Nations
Shopping Link: Big Bad Toy Store

GX-71 VOLTRON "Voltron: Defender of the Universe"

The single best-selling character in the history of the Chogokin series is back with amazing posability and, of course, the ability to break down into five lions. Also includes an optional screaming face to replicate battle scenes! The 270mm tall diecast figure comprises the Red Lion, Green Lion, Blue Lion, Yellow Lion, and Black Lion, and accessories include the large sword and twin smaller swords plus a variety of other weapons. Includes a stand. Packaging for Western markets comes with a special sleeve that features a larger Voltron logo, while the package underneath features the Golion logo more recognizable in Asian markets.

Retail Price: US$299.99
Publisher: Tamashii Nations
Shopping Link: Amazon

One Piece Going Merry Model Ship

Where would the Straw Hat pirates be without their Going Merry ship? This model set is perfect for a beginner, with 11 molded, pre-painted pieces. It's easy to assemble and already looks just right for display. Customers can then add the finishing touches with a water transfer decal, marking sticker, foil sticker, and nylon cord. It also comes with a display plaque to present the finished product proudly.

Retail Price: US$42.30
Publisher: Bandai
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode


Ouran High School Host Club – Rabbit Prone Plush 4”

The host club's cutest host Honey is almost always seen with his Usa-chan stuffed bunny in tow. This adorable 4" plush bunny works as both a cosplay accessory or an addition to your plushies piling up on your bed.

Retail Price: US$6.75
Publisher: Great Eastern Entertainment
Shopping Link: Great Eastern Entertainment

Fairy Tail – Happy Eating Fish Plush 10”

Team Natsu's resident mascot enjoys a tasty treat as this 10" plush. The cat-like character is eating his most favorite thing in the world: fish of course. Take him along with you, although we can't promise his capabilities in any magic battles.

Retail Price: US$23.99 (Seller Price: US$17.99)
Publisher: Great Eastern Entertainment
Shopping Link: Circle Red

Cool Stuff

Meat Meet Cushions

Cozy up with your dinner, whether its a fresh slab of prime beef or a sizzling steak with a dab of melted butter. These decorative cushions measure 17.3" x 11.8" x 2.8" and are extra squishy, so no need to worry about a mess. Perfect for the carnivore in your life or anyone with a unique decorating aesthetic.

Retail Price: US$19.99 (each)
Publisher: Kobo Milky
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Dragon Quest Slime Pump Dispenser

The iconic enemy from the Dragon Quest franchise has taken a turn as almost everything from meat buns to its own PlayStation 4 model. These Slime pump dispensers come in both orange and blue and can hold any type of daily goo, like hand soap or shampoo. Imagine you're lathering yourself in the slime of your enemies every time you're in the shower.

Retail Price: US$20.99 (each)
Publisher: Taito Corporation
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Hige Manjyu Diecut Cat Blankets

Are you ready to cuddle up with the cat blanket to end all cat blankets? Part of the Hige Manjyu series (which also includes plush ball characters and coin pouches, so if you like these kitties, go to town!) these die-cut blankets of grumpy Kuromane and pleased Mi-sama 59.1” long and 47.2” wide and perfect for wrapping yourself up in a cat's hug without the hair.

Retail Price: US$29.99 (Seller Price: US$25.50)
Publisher: Amuse
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Mel Kishida Bed Sheet

The sometimes wacky character designer for the Atelier video game series has drawn a gorgeous anime girl to ensure that you have the sweetest dreams. The dark-haired twintailed brunette is printed over the entire sheet, wearing thigh-high stripe socks and frilly lingerie.

Retail Price: US$110.99 (Seller Price: US$77.69)
Publisher: Petit Jeuness
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

One Piece Deluxe All-Purpose Sheet - Three Brothers

If anime guys are more your bag, you can't go wrong with One Piece's Luffy, Sabo, and Portgas D. Ace to fill your dreams with adventure. In fact, it even promises Everlasting Adventure so perhaps its even durable enough to take on the high seas or to hide under when one of your family members brings up politics at Christmas dinner.

Retail Price: US$16.00
Publisher: Banpresto
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Plastic Bottle Panties

Condensation is a problem many cold drinks suffer from but are too embarrassed to talk about. Instead, they leave wet rings on the tabletops, ashamed and alone. Well, no more! Kitan Club has designed seven styles of plastic bottle underwear to protect drinks from unseemly drips. Forget using clunky coasters, what drinks need is panties, CUTE panties! These tiny knit bloomers are sold as capsule toys, so each order is a surprise.

Retail Price: US$2.99
Publisher: Kitan Club
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Studio Ghibli Mini Planter: My Neighbor Totoro - Catbus

This planter pot featuring the many-legged Catbus is sure to be a hit with Ghibli fans or friends with a green thumb. Keep it at a desk or at a windowsill, wherever you need a little magic and nature to perk you up.

Retail Price: US$15.99
Publisher: TRY-X Corporation
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

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