Tokio Member Masahiro Matsuoka Admits He Got His Hairstyle from Slam Dunk

posted on by Eric Stimson

Masahiro Matsuoka, the drummer and vocalist for the rock band Tokio, stands out with his hairstyle, which stands up in the front. On July 27, he revealed on Tokio's TV program, Tokio Kakeru, where he got the look: Slam Dunk.

"I look like this now, but I think long ago it stood up even more," Matsuoka said. "It was more like [Akira] Sendou's." His bandmates agreed that the resemblance to Matsuoka was strong. Matsuoka didn't claim to be a basketball player, but he did speak fondly of playing dodgeball, since he could "protect kids I liked."

Matsuoka's band member, Tomoya Nagase, has starred as a manga character come to life in the NTV drama Naku na Hara-chan.

Source: MyNavi News via My Game News Flash; Image from Twitter

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