Player Claims to Beat Pokémon Sun & Moon With 1 Magikarp

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Although Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon just debuted in Japan and North America on November 18, some players have already beaten the games. One talented player is even claiming to have become Alola League Champion by using a single Magikarp that holds and Everstone to prevent evolution.

Twitter user @Nakano_Official posted images on Thursday to prove the accomplishment. The pictured level-70 Magikarp named Yashoku ("Dinner") only knows the move "flail." Unlike Magikarp's famously pointless move "splash," this move causes more damage the lower the user's HP is. One of @Nakano_Official's images shows the Pokémon only had 3 out of a possible 168 HP left, which would make flail a powerful move.

However, some fellow trainers cried foul, doubting @Nakano_Official's remarkable apparent accomplishment. Because flail is a normal attack that has no effect on ghost Pokémon, players doubted @Nakano_Official could have beaten the Elite Four. But if Magikarp used up its PP for flail, it would be forced to use the move "struggle," which can hit ghost-type monsters. The Twitter user also claims to have used healing items on Magikarp during some battles so that she (yes, Yashoku is female) could survive long enough for the opponent to resort to using struggle.

There is also a possibility @Nakano_Official utilized Z-Moves to help the Magikarp win. When trainers use these special moves new to Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, they combine their wishes with their Pokémon's to unleash a powerful attack once per battle.

Maybe Yashoku is related to a certain buff Magikarp that appeared at ColossalCon in Ohio last year. As that Magikarp proves, there is more to this monster than feeble splashing.

Enjoy your championship, Yashoku! Sing a few verses of your official song to celebrate! After that, you have some work to do. You might want to get yourself a new trainer. @Nakano_Official's tweet about the championship ended with "I think I'll have sushi tonight!"

[Via RocketNews24]

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