Least Impressive Pokémon Gets Its Own Official Love Song

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Magikarp is something of a joke in the world of Pokémon — it can only Splash around uselessly, it has no means of defense, its vacant expression makes it look dimwitted, and according to the anime you can't even eat it. But in a song posted to the official Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel, "I Love Koiking [Magikarp]," a young singer finds other things to appreciate about this underwhelming species — even though they spend most of time listing the Pokémon's faults.

Click the image below to see the music video.

Undependable and pitiful, it's very famous for being too weak
Long ago, was it very strong? That's what some say
Now it's very weak, so weak it's sad

Magikarp, the weak Pokémon, weakest in all the world
Magikarp, the weak Pokémon, it's so weak it's shocking

Well, it jumps [uses Splash], it jumps well, it can cross a mountain just by jumping
Why does it jump? There's no reason for it to jump. In battle, when it jumps, nothing happens
It gets carried away and keeps on jumping. Sometimes it gets snatched up by Pidgeotto

Magikarp, the jumping Pokémon, jumpiest in the world
Magikarp, the jumping Pokémon, it's always jumping, flop-flop

No matter where you are, it's the first catch
With the Old Rod it's caught too much
Oceans, rivers, dirty standing water, it swims in any water
In even gentle rivers it's swept away, and somewhere you'll find a cluster of carps

When you think you've caught a Magikarp, should you release it?
When you think you've caught a Magikarp, should you eat it?

The Shiny Magikarp is colored differently, but otherwise it's the same
Evolve it into Gyarados, and it's super-strong, but waiting for that is super-frustrating
The old man sells it for 500 yen, but refunds ain't happening

Magikarp, the unfortunate Pokémon, give it to someone and they'll boo
Magikarp, the unfortunate Pokémon, it has a "no one cares" ranking
Magikarp, my Pokémon, I'll take care of it anyway
Magikarp, my Pokémon, gather six of them and fight

Magikarp, everyone loves you, you're the most beloved in the world
Magikarp, I love, love* you, I dedicate this love song to you
*Note: "Love" and "carp" are both koi in Japanese

"I Love Koiking" originates on the "I Love Koiking-san" Magikarp fan page, which celebrates the flopping carp more with little-known facts, Pokemon fishing tips, and links to Magikarp merchandise. This includes items like Koiking-yaki (based on taiyaki, sweet fish pastry) filled with "natural Sinnoh bean paste" and T-shirts with "Carp × Koiking" logos (the Hiroshima Toyo Carp is a baseball team).

For fans of Machamp, the Machamp Gym is also stocked with interesting trivia.

Source: I Love Koiking-san

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