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Do You Like Your Mom? Light Novel is Back with Another Strange Promotional Campaign

posted on by Eric Stimson
This time, little sisters get involved too

The light novel Do You Like Your Mom? Her Normal Attack is Two Attacks at Full Power by Dachima Inaka raised a few eyebrows online with its publication this January, since its premise is that a teenage boy is transported to an RPG-style fantasy world... with his mother, and she turns out to be an extremely powerful party member. Animate then gave it extra publicity by promoting it with an unusual campaign: the store dared customers to bring their mothers shopping with them to receive an extra short story booklet. The campaign paid off, as Do You Like Your Mom? sold 12,889 copies in only nine days.

Now, Animate is back with a new campaign. Once again, if you bring your mother (or a picture of her) while buying Do You Like Your Mom? volume 1, you can get this "photo" of Mamako Ōsuki, the mom of the title.

But if you bring your little sister (or a picture of her) while buying a different light novel, Kiyoshi Ebisu's Ore ga Suki na no wa Imōto Da Kedo Imōto Ja Nai ("The One I Like is a Little Sister But Not My Little Sister") volumes 1 or 2, you can get this "photo" of the book's little sister, Suzuka. The book describes a teenage boy whose class president-type younger sister writes a light novel in his name. The subject? A girl who dotes on her older brother. Suzuka wants to date her brother as research, but he thinks he likes her book's character more than her...

If customers buy Do You Like Your Mom? volume 2 or Little Sister volume 3 instead, they will get this message card.



Customers of either of these titles can also enter a lottery for this Mamako mousepad.

There's more: between April 20 and 30, Animate is running a Twitter campaign to encourage fans to thank their mothers and sisters. If you tweet a nice message to them with the hashtags #大好きお母さん or #大好き妹 ("I love my mom"/"I love my little sis"), along with a picture of them, you could receive a bouquet in time for Mother's Day on May 14. Your mom will get carnations, while your sister will get "flowers inspired by her." Participants must first follow the Twitter account @animatebooks.

Much like last time, Animate will take your word for it regarding the identity of your relatives. The pictures you show don't even have to be of people. Voice actor Nobunaga Shimazaki (Ritsuka in Fate/Grand Order) even used Fate/Grand Order's Raikō to get his copies of Do You Like Your Mom? The main campaign lasts from April 20 to May 17.

Source: Animate via Nijimen

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