Dark Horse Direct Presents Sword Bookends for Berserk

posted on by Kim Morrissy
Limited print of 1,000 bookends will ship in summer 2020

The epic tale of Kentaro Miura's Berserk manga is about those who live and die by the sword. As a testament to this theme, Dark Horse Direct is presenting a limited print of 1,000 bookends based on Gut's sword, Dragon Slayer.

The bookends measure at 7” tall by 5” wide and between 9” and 10” long, each, totally approximately 19” long when displayed together. They are sculpted by Bigshot Toyworks with prototype paints by Ed Bradley. They can be pre-ordered from Dark Horse Direct's online store and are expected to ship in summer 2020.

Miura launched the manga in 1989. Dark Horse Comics is reprinting the series in an embossed hardcover deluxe edition "in Miura's preferred 7x10 format." The first of these new releases shipped on February 27 last year.

The manga follows Guts, a superhumanly strong warrior who wields a large sword, as he wanders a dark medieval world filled with demons, corrupt and decadent nobles, and other horrors. Every night, he is assailed by demons, attracted to the curse branded on him after a traumatic event. He makes his way through the world on a quest to slay a former friend turned demon, who took everything away from him.

Source: Press Release (January 31)

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