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Otakon 2002: ADV Panel

posted on by George Phillips

ADV Films

David Williams and Matt Greenfield hosted this year's ADV Films panel.

ADV started by listing the titles announced previously, at Anime Expo. However, they also added a few new titles.

As reported on the front page, ADV has acquired:

Voices of a Distant Star (a 20-minute independent anime)
Saint Seiya
Sailor Moon Seasons 1-2, subtitled with Japanese audio.
Orphen: The Revenge (Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, season 2)

Is ADV joining the manga market? Although ADV refused to directly comment on the issue, they noted that the Full Metal Panic! manga is in Newtype USA, which was produced by ADV staff.

Voices of a Distant Star may be released with up to 50 minutes of bonus material. Suprisingly, the OVA itself is only 20 minutes long! The MSRP will likely be lower than a typical DVD, although a price point has yet to be announced.

After the acquisitions announcements, ADV then opened the panel to discuss their various other titles.

For fans of Gasaraki, ADV will be putting out an empty, metal Gasaraki box for $35.98. This box will be sold directly from ADV's website. The box is designed by Paul Champagne, also known for his work on Neon Genesis Evangelion's box. ADV will probably do other boxes with Paul, although no other show boxes were mentioned.

As recently announced, the final volume of Princess 9 will come out on October 8th.

Super GALS! will probably not see a release in the near future. Instead, ADV is focusing on better-known titles such as Full Metal Panic! and RahXephon, both of which are due out "sometime next year". Mospeada, Southern Cross, and Aura Battler Dunbine are in various stages of production. Release dates will be given out once the product has been finalized.

Saiyuki TV is in production, but ADV can "neither confirm nor deny" any plans about the Saiyuki movie.

CLAMP's Angelic Layer may be dubbed by the same group as Saiyuki TV. If so, they will be alternate production work each volume. Thus, Angelic Layer should enter production soon after Saiyuki volume 1 is completed.

While Softcel has become its own company, ADV mentioned that the F^3 DVD is due out soon from Softcel.

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