Geneon Solicits El Hazard, The Hakkenden, Strawberry Eggs and Strawberry Marshmallow Re-releases

posted on 2007-04-05 09:45 EDT by Christopher Macdonald
Geneon has announced that on 2007-05-29 and 2007-06-05, it will re-release the first volumes of El-Hazard OVA and Dog Warriors - The Hakkenden respectively for $14.98 each. On 2007-07-03 and 2007-06-05 Geneon will release Strawberry Marshmallow - Complete Box Set and Strawberry Eggs (I My Me!) Bailey Box for $59.98 and $39.98 respectively. Other new releases scheduled for 2007-07-03 are Zipang volume 6, Shana volume 6, Hello Kitty Stump Village volume 5 and Ayakashi - Samurai Horror Tales volume 2.

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