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Shonen Jump+ Debuts with Over 30 Monthly Manga for Free

posted on by Egan Loo

Shueisha unveiled Shonen Jump+, a new digital publication that offers over 30 manga every month for free, on Monday. Some of the titles previously ran in Shuiesha's Jump Live app or in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine itself. The publication is available for reading on the web, or via an app in Apple's App Store for iOS devices and in Google Play for Android devices.

"Passionate battles anytime, anywhere!! You can read Shonen Jump on smartphones!! Shonen Jump+ debuts!! Shonen Jump!! It will overcome you!! The only one that can overcome Shonen Jump is Shonen Jump+!"

The current lineup includes:

Mochizuki-ke no O-tsukimi Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai (Kishibe Rohan Does Not Move) Episode 4
by Hirohiko Araki
The latest short story starring the alter ego of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga creator

By Akira Amano
"The amazing full-color space police story from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!'s Akira Amano!"

Kuroko no Basuke Bangai-hen (Kuroko's Basketball Extra Story)
By Tadatoshi Fujimaki
Another side story set after the Winter Cup basketball tournament

Dragon Ball Majin Buu Saga
By Akira Toriyama
Digital reprint of the popular arc

Let's! Haikyu!!?
By Retsu
Official spinoff of the 10-million-selling volleyball manga

Hetalia World Stars
By Hidekaz Himaruya
The comedy that anthropomorphizes countries "for those of you who love history, and even those of you who don't!"

Kiss x Death
By Yasuhiro Kano
"Sci-fi suspense romance from Yasuhiro Kano, the master of romantic comedies"

Tonkatsu DJ Agetarō
By Iipyao/Yūjirō Koyama
"Tonkatsu, club culture, DJs … Here is the trendiest urban life, taken straight from what's happening now in Shibuya!"

Yukimi Daifuku
By Daiki Ihara
"From Jump's 'problem child,' the world's purest one-way romantic comedy!!"

By Satsuki Uehara
"The Devil, brave adventurers, humans, demons … all of them are classmates!"

Rough Diamond: Manga Gakkō ni Yōkoso (Welcome to Manga School)
By Tei Ōgata
"The popular manga from Jump Live moves to Shonen Jump+. The adolescent ensemble drama about young people pursuing their dreams in a manga school!"

Navirinth [Navi + Labyrinth]
By Yūya Ogura
Kuruma lost virtually all his possessions, and he is hopelessly inept on his own. His sole remaining possession is Navi, a maid designed for guidance.

Iroha ni Hotoke!
By Wataru Onoda
A Buddhist gag comedy about a job-seeking youth who meets a puny, ill-natured monk.

Nekota Biyori
By Kura
A comedy about a cat who can walk on two legs and talk, but only dozes around all day.

Shōnen Jump no Tadashii Tsukurikata! (How to Make Shonen Jump the Right Way!)
By Takeshi Sakurai
"The shocking documentary manga" in which the manga creator and his editor infiltrate the production offices of Shonen Jump.

Makai kara Kita Maid-san. (The Maid Who Came From the Demon World)
By Chima Sakuraebi
The "sweet yet often grotesque" four-panel comedy that gained popularity on the Nico Nico Seiga site. Beelzebub's maid Ruko goes to the human world.

Fuwari! Donpacchi
By Yoshio Sawai

Keppare Matsubara-san!
By Shiroyagi
A adolescent odd-couple story featuring the ultimate airheaded girl.

By Toshinori Takayama
The omnibus of romantic comedy short stories about a "magic app" that grants wishes.

My Animal
by Kenta Tsuchida
Animal battle manga from the creator of Shonen Jump's Lock On! manga series.

By Masaya Tsunamoto/Yufu
"Jump's most delicious" gourmet manga from the writer of Giant Killing.

Kami-sama, Kisama o Kuroshitai. (God, I Want to Kill You.)
By Inusuke Matsuhashi
The "unpredictable 'Murder Show'" about a high school girl who wants to commit suicide and a high school boy obssessed with murder.

Pochi Kuro
By Naoya Matsumoto
The fantasy about a high school girl who descends into the demon world and attempts to interact with the denizens there

Tōhō Momotarō, Zen-Part Boshū (Local Mamotarō, Seeking Applicants for All Roles)
By Honemaru Mikami
"Seeking companions for demon slaying! Once Momotarō makes this request, suspicious, dangerous and interesting people begin gathering one by one. A fairy tale gag manga with a fresh feeling!"

Seiyū Mashimashi Club
By Hibari Meguro/Jin Kobayashi
Four-panel manga about girls who aim to be the top voice actresses.

Mofumofu (Fluffy)
By Hayato Yahagi
"A fluffy slice-of-life fantasy brought to you by the genius manga creator Hayato Yahagi!"

Monban Kaeru wa Shagamitai
By Retsu
A gag comedy solely about the idle talk between a bird and a frog who guard a gate.

Weekly Shonen Jump had teased Shonen Jump+ over the past month with images from Hirohiko Araki, Akira Amano, Eiichiro Oda, and Akira Toriyama.

Thanks to Liam and Rachel S. for the news tips

Update: Comic Natalie reports the Shonen Jump+ app will offer the digital version of every manga in Weekly Shonen Jump's print edition at 5:00 p.m. on its release date. The subscription fee for this digital edition is 300 yen (about US$3) an issue, or 900 yen (about US$9) a month. The monthly rate also includes the spinoff publication Shonen Jump NEXT!!, which comes out six times a year, as a bonus.

Shueisha first gave Weekly Shonen Jump a same-day digital release last year. Earlier that year, Viz Media's English version of Weekly Shonen Jump began releasing its manga chapters on the same day they came out in Japan.

While over 30 manga will be updated every month, most of them will get weekly updates.

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