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Seven Seas Licenses Superwomen in Love, Shut-In Elf Manga, I Have a Secret Light Novel

posted on by Alex Mateo
Seven Seas to release titles physically, digitally in March-May 2021

Seven Seas announced on Wednesday that it has licensed the Superwomen in Love and Shut-In Elf manga and the I Have a Secret light novel.

Seven Seas will publish the first volume of sometime's Superwomen in Love (Hero-san to Moto Onnakanbu-san) manga physically and digitally in North America in April 2021.

The company describes the story:

When the villainess Honey Trap defeats the superheroine Rapid Rabbit, she sees her nemesis' face for the first time…and falls head over heels in love! Unable to kill Rapid Rabbit, Honey Trap is cast out of her evil organization, her plans for world domination dashed. Now, the two superwomen are teaming up to fight evil together. Can Honey Trap defeat her former colleagues and seduce the heroine at the same time?

Manga creator sometime launched the manga in Ichijinsha's Comic Yume at pixiv in October 2018. The second compiled book volume shipped in Japan in December 2019.

Seven Seas will publish the first volume of Akihiko Higuchi's Shut-In Elf (Edomae Elf) manga physically and digitally in North America in March 2021.

The company describes the story:

Koganei Koito is a teenager who works as an attendant to the Takamimi Shrine. Rumors have it that a deity dwells within the shrine, but the actual resident is an immortal elf who found herself stuck on Earth some four hundred years ago. What's more, the elf is a total shut-in who won't go outside…and has developed a taste for video games! Now the attendants at the shrine have to cater to the elf's love of the most modern gizmos–from handheld games to virtual reality headsets–in this charming fantasy comedy!

Higuchi launched the manga in Kodansha's Shonen Magazine Edge magazine in 2019. The manga's second compiled book volume shipped in Japan on April 16.

Seven Seas will publish Yoru Sumino's I Have a Secret (KA「」KU「」SHI「」GO「」TO「) light novel physically and digitally in a single oversized volume in May 2021.

The company describes the story:

Five high-school classmates hold secrets close to their hearts–hidden talents, unspoken feelings, and buried pain. Will it take a sixth sense for them to navigate their lives? As they collide with each other on the path to growing up, they might just jostle some of those secrets free. This gentle and intriguing tale is perfect for fans of Yoru Sumino's other nuanced works, including I Want to Eat Your Pancreas, I Had That Same Dream Again, and At Night, I Become a Monster.

Sumino's light novel shipped in Japan in March 2017.

Sources: Press release (link 2, link 3), Seven Seas' Twitter account and website

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