Funimation Streams Cells at Work! Code Black Anime's English Dub, Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, YURUYURI, More Anime

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Funimation announced on Wednesday that it will begin streaming the English dub of the Cells at Work! Code Black anime on Thursday. The company also announced on Thursday that it will begin streaming the Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas original video anime (OVA) from TMS Entertainment and The Eccentric Family, Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl, YURUYURI (seasons 1-2), Hanasaku Iroha - Blossoms for Tomorrow, and Hanasaku Iroha: Home Sweet Home anime from NIS America on Friday with English subtitles in the United States and Canada.

The English cast for Cells at Work! Code Black includes:

Wendee Lee is directing the English dub, and Rachel Robinson is adapting the English script.

The anime premiered on January 9. The anime airs right after the second season of the main Cells at Work! anime for the "Cells at Work! Hour." Funimation is streaming the anime as it airs in Japan. Crunchyroll is also streaming the anime.

Kodansha Comics is publishing the manga, and it describes the story:

In this new spinoff of the hit manga, a newbie Red Blood Cell is one of 37 trillion working to keep this body running. But something's wrong! Stress hormones keep yelling at him to go faster. The blood vessels are crusted over with cholesterol. Ulcers, fatty liver, trouble (ahem) downstairs... It's hard for a cell to keep working when every day is a CODE BLACK!

The manga and anime Cells at Work! showed you what happens when a young, healthy body gets in trouble... but what if the body wasn't so young, and was never very healthy? This new take stars a fresh-faced Red Blood Cell and his friend, the buxom White Blood Cell, as they struggle to keep themselves and their world together through alcoholism, smoking, erectile dysfunction, athlete's foot, gout... it's literal body horror! Whoever this guy is, he's lucky his cells can't go on strike!

Hideyo Yamamoto (Strike the Blood, Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka) is directing the series at LIDEN FILMS. Hayashi Mori (The Snack World, Layton Mystery Tanteisha: Katori no Nazotoki File) is supervising and writing the series scripts. Eiji Abiko (Last Hope, Baby Blue) is designing the characters, and Yūgo Kanno (Psycho-Pass, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable) is composing the music. In addition to performing the opening theme song "Hashire! with Yamasaki Seiya (Kyūso Nekokami)" (Run!), the rock band POLYSICS is performing the ending theme song "Ue o Mukaite Hakobō with Sekkekkyū/Hakkekkyū" (Look Up and Carry on with Red/White Blood Cells" with lead cast members Junya Enoki and Yōko Hikasa.

Source: Funimation (link 2)

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